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Megan Moore

Megan creates content and messaging strategy and writes copy that resonates with our clients’ target audiences. She specializes in writing for digital, social and emerging tech platforms, with proven success creating content for large scale social campaigns. Most recently Megan was a Senior Copywriter at VaynerMedia in NYC where she supported some of the agency’s major B2B accounts.
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Marketing Automation Journalism Gated Content

Turning Away Free Press? How to Separate Journalists from B2B Leads

The downside of gated content is that it deters journalists from citing you as an expert resource or promoting your products. It's time to change that.

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Social Media Lead Generation PR Marketing Generate leads content clusters

What Are Content Clusters? Tips on How You Can Leverage Them to Grow Traffic

For the longest time, a high-ranking google page has been perceived to be the source of clicks, comments, more eyeballs, and presumable business growth.

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Strategy B2B Web Development Marketing Generate leads buyer behavior

How a Website ROI Calculator Can Engage Potential Customers

Website ROI calculators show your prospective customers the potential value of your product to their business. Here are best practices for implementing your own.

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26 May '19

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B2B fintech

Top 5 Best Practices for FinTech Marketing in 2019

Fintech B2B marketing strategy basics: 5 simple, effective, and easy to implement trends for boosting results and achieving digital marketing success.

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18 Jul '18

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Strategy Future SEO

How Voice Search Will Influence Your B2B SEO Strategy

After mining mountains of research on the subject, we bring to you core takeaways about the future of voice SEO for B2B companies by going straight to the source with some (anything-but-alternative) facts.

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Social Media Paid Social

New Twitter Automation Rules Could Improve Your B2B Social Media Strategy

Concerned about how the new Twitter automation rules will impact your B2B social media strategy? Here’s why it happened, what’s changing, and what your businesses needs to do to adjust.

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How to Build Your B2B Video Marketing Strategy

You know video is effective for B2B marketing. But how do you build a strategy that brings results? This guide will help you break into the world of video and reach customers on their favorite medium.

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22 Jan '18


Why B2B Video Marketing Should Be Your Top Priority for 2018

Move over B2C — B2B video marketing is shaking things up in a big way. Find out why your company can’t afford to ignore video’s growth.

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