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William Crane

William oversees all of Beacon Digital's marketing automation work, as well as all paid media (social and search). He is an experienced digital marketing director with over 9 years of experience leading, developing, and implementing digital marketing solutions for B2B clients. He has worked with a variety of clients from large multinational corporations with multiple business units to local, small businesses. He works hard to ensure that all digital marketing strategies are tailored to the client’s goals, needs, and, ultimately, deliver the results they are hoping for. He is passionate about developing successful marketing automation strategies as well as utilizing data to not only demonstrate not just what happened, but to gain vital insight into how to improve performance.

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B2B ABM HubSpot

How to Implement HubSpot's New ABM Tools - A Step by Step Guide

Account-Based Marketing allows you to focus your resources on a particular number of targeted accounts. HubSpot ABM tools help you identify and organize your clients.

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Marketing Technology Chatbots Live Chat

Live Chat and Chatbots: What is the Difference?

Live chat and chatbots both offer answers to your website visitors' questions quickly. There are, however, some important differences between the two.

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B2B ABM Email LinkedIn

10 Tactics for B2B Account-Based Marketing Success

Account-based marketing (ABM) focuses its efforts on a set of ideal clients represented by buyer personas. Learn more about helpful tactics for B2B ABM.

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5 Buyer Personas FinTech Companies Should Focus on in 2020

The best way to find fintech buyers is to build a clear picture of their needs, preferences, and purchasing journey through developing detailed buyer personas.

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Strategy & Analysis

Performance Marketing for B2B SaaS Companies [Best Tactics and Platforms]

Make your B2B SaaS solution stand out in the market and achieve a positive return on investment when you follow our in-depth guide on performance marketing.

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B2B Social Media Generate leads LinkedIn

5 Tips to Help B2B Businesses Generate Leads Today

We're going to show you why LinkedIn is a powerful source of lead generation in the B2B space and actionable tips for a more optimized LinkedIn presence.

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Marketing Technology

The Importance of Conversational Marketing in B2B

Conversational marketing creates an express lane to sales while giving buyers a VIP experience. Go from one-way communication to real-time conversations.

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Strategy B2B ABM Content Marketing Marketing Analytics

How to Set and Track Your B2B Marketing Goals

How can your business grow if you don't know what success will look like or what goals to set? Learn top ways to set and track your B2B marketing goals.

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