What is a CMO-in-Residence? 

Our CMO-in-Residence program is tailored to senior marketing executives who want a place to “hang their hat” while they are in-between roles, or in place of going “out on their own”, or who just want more flexibility and better work-life balance. CMOs-in-Residence are independent contractors and not full-time employees of Beacon Digital Marketing, which allows you flexibility to work directly for non-Beacon Digital clients in addition to supporting the clients of our agency. 

What are the Benefits of our CMO-in-Residence Program?

Thought Leadership Platform

We provide a platform for thought leadership via our highly-trafficked blog and social media channels, promoting the content you write via email newsletters as well. 

A Pipeline for New Clients

Rather than start an independent consulting business from the ground up, Beacon Digital provides an immediate brand affiliation to build from, taking the strain out of the process of being ‘out on your own’. There’s no need to send mass emails to all your former colleagues and post incessantly to your own Linkedin channel to try to build a book of business from scratch.

Logistical, Back-End Support

You’ll have access to a company email address, and much of our internal systems and tools like Slack, ClickUp for project management, HubSpot’s CRM, and PandaDoc for proposal building. We provide you with templates for your client contracts as well as statements of work, and there’s no need to figure out building your own website. We provide you steady leads for new client projects without the hassle, and help you with the 'back-office' function of invoicing and hours tracking.

A Project Manager to Support Your Work

You have a dedicated internal project manager to help you navigate our services, and assist you in creating proposals that support your clients. 

Office Space to Meet with Clients

If you are in the Beacon, NY region and need some office space to meet with clients, or just escape your house, you’re welcome to use a conference room, our classroom-size collaboration space, or an available desk in our Main Street location in Beacon, NY. Just make sure you reserve the space via our shared Google Calendar or by coordinating with our operations team in advance. 

Mentorship Opportunities

We love offering the opportunity for you to coach our internal team and be a resource for our service department, in addition to coaching our clients. 

Who Can be a CMO-in-Residence? 

A qualified CMO-in-Residence has at least 15 years of experience in marketing, with a significant portion of that in leadership roles at the Director, VP, and/or CMO level. Our program is specifically for leaders coming from one of the following sectors: 

  • B2B Cyber Security Software and Services
  • B2B Financial Technology and Services
  • B2B HR Technology and Services
  • Regulatory and Compliance Technology and Services
  • B2B SaaS Technologies

Any marketing executive applying to be a CMO-in-Residence must provide at least three written or video references from team members of organizations where they have worked.

Our program allows for up to four CMOs-in-Residence for up to 1 year each. Applicants are evaluated as applications are received; there is no fixed start or end date but we have a preference for leaders who can commit to at least 6 months.

What Is Expected of a CMO-in-Residence? 

A CMO-in-Residence at Beacon Digital Marketing is expected to adhere to the following program guidelines: 

  • All CMOs-in-Residence are expected to have a professional photo and biography posted on the CMO-in-Residence section of the Beacon Digital website, along with specific types of projects they are qualified to support clients with. 
  • CMOs-in-Residence are expected to contribute content and insights to the Beacon Digital Marketing’s website:
    • Authoring 2 blog posts per month OR 1 e-book or case study per month
    • Editing/Reviewing of up to 1 blog post a week from another CMO-in-Residence
    • All content will be shared through Beacon Digital’s LinkedIn network and is encouraged to be shared directly with your followers as well
  • CMOs-in-Residence provide interested clients and prospects with 2 hours of free discovery meetings to assess a fit and scope out projects, after which point, an hourly rate will apply to coaching and consultation time.
  • CMOs-in-Residence must track their own hours or project scopes of work and work with our head of operations to invoice clients for their work with Beacon Digital's clients. 
  • CMOs-in-Residence rates can be set hourly or by project, but Beacon Digital will add a 30% margin on all projects as our administrative and project management costs associated with supporting your work.
  • CMOs-in-Residence are expected to be available for occasional review of Beacon Digital client project work or consultation by phone with the Beacon Digital services team (no more than 2 hours per month).
  • CMOs-in-Residence commit to finish any paid consulting projects agreed upon with our clients.

How Do We Promote our CMOs-in-Residence?

When a new CMO-in-Residence joins our team, we seek to promote the career and availability of of the CMO for consulting work with our existing clients and prospects in the following ways: 

  • A dedicated email announcing the affiliation to our existing clients and prospects
  • A social media announcement on LinkedIn
  • A dedicated biography page on the website with direct contact information and a booking page with HubSpot’s meetings tool.
  • Providing a platform for thought leadership, publishing at least two blog posts per month on our website and circulating those posts on our social media networks 
  • Featuring our CMOs-in-Residence in our Agency Podcast
  • Discussing the CMO-in-Residence on our client calls, and providing direct introductions when there is a fit
  • Our monthly email newsletter features a roundup of our CMO-in-Residence content

How is a CMO-in-Residence Compensated? 

  • CMOs-in-Residence can set their own rates for hourly work, project work, or fractional CMO services, but our default rate for CMOs-in-Residence is $200/hr to the client, with 70% passed through to the subcontractor. A 30% fee is retained by Beacon Digital to cover project management, software and administrative costs of the relationship.
  • CMOs-in-Residence are asked to provide Beacon Digital Marketing’s existing clients and prospects with free “discovery” meetings to assess a fit and scope out potential projects, after which point, it is at the CMOs discretion to ask to invoice their specific hourly rate for consultation time.