New to the risk-management and compliance SaaS space, our client wanted to stand out in an oversaturated marketplace. To contend with and outperform their competitors, they needed to establish a strong web presence that attracted the right buyer personas and generate valuable leads.

Beacon Digital undertook the following steps to help our client build a sustainable plan and achieve their goals:

Implement a Large-Scale SEO Strategy

Our client needed to rank for industry keywords to attract ideal buyers to their new website. Beacon Digital performed a competitor audit to identify high-intent keywords that would drive site traffic. Based on the research, we crafted a content plan and produced blogs and gated resources to increase search visibility and help inform website visitors of the client’s expertise in the space.

Establish a Paid Search Strategy

Beacon Digital also helped our client implement a paid search strategy with Google Ads. Over the course of six months, our client generated over 700,000 impressions and more than 100 high-quality leads.

Create Targeted LinkedIn Campaigns

Beacon created targeted LinkedIn ads to generate high-quality leads for marquee events and drive content downloads in conjunction with the client’s marketing priorities. The strategy and execution of the ads drove 22 qualified leads over the course of three campaigns.


Our client increased their organic leads by +2800%, with 31% of website traffic now generated through blogs and resource pages created by Beacon Digital - an increase of nearly 30%. Our client also saw over 700,000 impressions and 1000-2000 clicks per month through their Google Ads campaigns.

To get a full picture of how we were able to dramatically increase website traffic and leads for our client in the risk management and compliance SaaS space, request the full case study.

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