Think your potential customers aren't reachable on social? Think again. 

Most B2B companies automatically think of LinkedIn when they think of paid social for their business, and with 128 million users in the US alone, it's not a bad place to start. LinkedIn drives more than half of all social traffic to B2B blogs and sites. Plus, 49% of key decision makers have accounts on the platform.

But we can't dismiss other major players in the space. Despite what you may have heard, everyone uses Facebook. Yes, everyone. 1 in every 6 minutes online is spent on Facebook by its 1.65 billion active users. 

At Beacon Digital, we focus on these two key platforms to drive success for B2B companies while also offering expertise in Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube. We provide strategy, execution and analytical services to help you build the best paid social strategy for your business.

Phase 1: Strategy

With 8+ platforms and over 150 ad units available, paid social strategies can get pretty complicated. A successful campaign starts with a clear goal: What action do we want users to take? To read your latest blog post? Download your new e-book? We partner with our clients to determine the KPI that works for you and to craft a strategy that drives efficient and qualified actions that ladder back to your business objectives. We'll also build a detailed description of your target audience so we can take advantage of the robust and seemingly infiinite targeting options offered across platforms, including remarketing audiences based on user behavior on your site.

Phase 2: Execution

After deciding on platform, ad unit and audience, it's crucial to be well versed in the back-end of social platforms and best practices around campaign set-up. The way a campaign is structured can have major impacts on performance. We use our expertise to implement campaigns in the best way possible for your business.

Phase 3: Optimization

Constant monitoring is critical to help you get the most out of your ad spend — large or small. Our team makes the proper optimizations to drive strong performance, such as bid management and creative testings. We provide weekly check-ins to discuss changes made and trends in improvement.

How Much Does Paid Social Advertising Cost? 

We strive to work within our clients' budgets to create a plan that makes meaningful progress as quickly as possible. Our flat hourly rate includes any paid social campaign work, from strategy to execution to ongoing optimizations. Direct advertising spend is handled by the client, and our clients tend to budget anywhere from $200 per week to $5,000 per week: it depends on your goals, the stage your business is in and many other factors. We typically recommend that clients allocate at least 20 hours to complete Phase 1 and 2 in order to build a foundation of around 5 campaigns. Ongoing work can be scaled up from this baseline depending on a client’s needs, budget and timeline.