Front End Web Developer

Jessica Goddard

Jessica serves as a front end web developer at Beacon Digital Marketing, where she works with WordPress and HubSpot to build custom web interfaces for clients.

Jessica has been developing websites for over ten years, and she has a strong knowledge of HTML and CSS. Over the past few years, she’s focused on increasing her JavaScript knowledge. She loves strategizing the best solution to any problem and gets overly excited about implementing new design techniques. 

A West Virginia-native, she attended college in Virginia and currently lives in South Carolina with her two kids and two pets.

  • JS for WP Bootcamp
  • HTML/ CSS/ Javascript
  • HubSpot & Wordpress
  • pHp
  • Strategy and problem solving
Jessica Goddard | Front End Web Developer
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Little Known Facts
Jessica typically has an excessive number of post-it notes scattered on her desk. She loves to bake, do a wide variety of crafts (knitting, macrame and pottery) and watch reality TV. She always thinks of the right/witty thing to say once it’s too late.

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