The Challenge

The top sports uniform company in the U.S. came to us with a challenge. While their business growth was strong, they were frustrated with the lack of qualified leads coming in from their website — and they knew they could be doing better.

Creating a Lead Pipeline

After listening to and analyzing what the company had tried so far, we recommended implementing three foundational projects over a 90-day period to lay the groundwork for the growth they were looking for: launch a Google Adwords and Facebook Ad campaign, add new website pages for specific sports and rebuild the website on a content management system.

Launch Google Adwords and Facebook Ad campaigns to attract more qualified visitors. 

Our team crafted a paid search strategy to ensure our client's website was at the top of the page every time a user was searching for a solution they offered. We deployed the following tactics:

  • Strong, effective ad copy with clear calls to action
  • Well-written and optimized landing pages to ensure high Quality Scores
  • Call-out extensions, site-link extensions and call extensions to offer more reasons for a user to click through to the site
  • Proper use of broad, phrase and exact-match keywords
  • Daily optimizations to keyword bids, bid strategies and negative keywords

The chart below shows the total number of leads generated by source over the first 5 month period in working with the apparel company (all prior to the launch of the new website).

Leads generated by month and by source

Add new website pages to capture organic search traffic for specific sports.

This tactic takes more time, but having great content for specific buyers is the best strategy for the long-term growth of the business. Over the course of 9o days, we accomplished the following:

  • Created a new information architecture vision document to outline the pages of the site we would build
  • Created a keyword map based on researched trends in volume, difficulty and search intent to align the right target keywords to each page of the site
  • Re-wrote meta descriptions, meta titles and heading tags throughout each page to align to our new keyword map
  • Generated 15 new pages and sections to rank for specific searches with high volume
  • Monitored page performance to make further changes to meta information to improve rank

The chart below from shows the number of keywords the apparel company has ranked for over the past year. Between May and August 2017, we increased the number of total ranking keywords by 200% (from less than 1,500 to over 3,000). Trends also showed steady growth in the number of nonbranded keywords ranking in the top 3 postings in Google's search results pages (SERPs). This has translated directly to an increase in traffic to the website.  

search optimization results for b2b websites

Rebuild the website on a content management system (CMS) to streamline content editing.

In order to save the marketing and sales team time and energy, we rebuilt the website using a responsive framework on the Wordpress CMS. This allows the internal team to quickly edit copy, add new pages and generate new offers for customers in less time.