Beacon Digital Marketing Named Finalist in PR Daily’s 2024 Content Marketing Awards

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Beacon Digital Marketing Named Finalist in PR Daily’s 2024 Content Marketing Awards

Grand Prize: Team of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that Beacon Digital Marketing has been named a finalist for the prestigious "Team of the Year" category in PR Daily’s 2024 Content Marketing Awards. This nomination places us among the top storytellers in the content marketing field, a testament to our team's dedication to crafting exceptional stories that not only resonate but deliver measurable results.


Excellence in Content Marketing

PR Daily’s 2024 Content Marketing Awards showcase the best of the best in content creation across various categories, including campaigns, purpose-driven initiatives, and strategic marketing efforts. Finalists demonstrated unparalleled originality, quality, storytelling, and measurable results.

The winners of the 2024 Content Marketing Awards will be announced at the Content Marketing Awards Luncheon on August 1, 2024, at the prestigious Yale Club in New York City. This event will be a celebration of excellence in content marketing by industry leaders who are shaping the future of digital storytelling.

"We are thrilled to be recognized as finalists for the Grand Prize Team of the Year. Our case study with Skai showcases our team's dedication to innovative strategies and excellence in SEO and content marketing. This nomination is a testament to our team's hard work and the dynamic solutions we provide to our clients.”


Skai: Increasing SEO & Brand Visibility

Our entry into the Content Marketing Awards was based on a client case study. Our Content & SEO team embarked on a transformative journey with Skai (formerly known as Kenshoo), a leader in paid search, paid social, and retail media advertising. Following Skai's rebranding and its acquisition of Signals Analytics, our primary goal was to address the significant challenges faced in terms of SEO rankings and brand visibility. We aimed to not only recover but also surpass the brand's previous SEO performance and brand awareness levels.

Our comprehensive strategy was implemented in two phases to address the immediate needs and lay a foundation for sustained growth.

Phase 1: Foundation Strengthening

  • Web Page Updates: Revamping web pages to reflect the rebranding and ensure SEO optimization.
  • Update Review Sites, Directories, and Hiring Boards: To improve Skai's digital footprint and searchability.
  • Bottom Funnel Keyword Research: Identifying high-intent keywords to target potential customers effectively.
  • Content Audit: Evaluating existing content to identify gaps and opportunities for optimization.

Phase 2: Expansion and Engagement

  • Blog Optimizations and New Content Recommendations: Enhancing existing content and creating new, high-quality blog posts to engage readers.
  • Identify Target Keywords: Focusing on keywords with the potential to drive traffic and conversions.
  • Video Content Production: Diversifying content formats to engage a broader audience.
  • Backlink Acquisition: Strengthening the site's authority through strategic backlinking efforts.


Our execution involved a meticulous approach to both immediate optimizations and long-term strategic planning. This included overhauling Skai's website content, launching targeted backlink campaigns, and producing engaging, SEO-optimized blog posts and video content. We also undertook a comprehensive update of Skai's presence on review sites, directories, and hiring boards, aligning with the new brand identity and mission.


The results of our campaign were remarkable, setting new records in several key performance indicators:

  • Website Traffic: Achieved 148k visits, marking a 150% increase from the Kenshoo era and a 237% increase from the lowest point post-rebranding.
  • Organic Traffic: Grew to 19.8k, a 52.3% increase over Kenshoo and a 90% increase from the low point.
  • Organic Blog Traffic: Rose to 3.4k, a 6.2% increase from Kenshoo and a 126% increase from the low point.
  • Keyword Rankings: Secured 350 keywords in the top 3 positions, a 15.5% increase from Kenshoo and a 52% increase from the low point.

Additionally, the Skai digital marketing glossary, a new initiative started from scratch in 2023, now ranks for 600+ keywords with two entries driving 150 views a month. This is a testament to our team's ability to not only recover lost ground but to also forge new paths in brand visibility and SEO success.

Join us in congratulating our Content & SEO team! Being named a finalist is not just a win for our us but a win for all those who have trusted us with their marketing and PR needs, pushing us to set higher standards each day.


Read more about PR Daily's Content Marketing Awards and get in touch with us if you'd like to take your content strategy & SEO to the next level!


Cathy Johnson

Cathy Johnson

As the Chief Growth Officer at Beacon Digital, Cathy is the architect of transformative growth strategies, steering the firm's trajectory towards new pinnacles of success. Leveraging her extensive background in marketing, events, and public relations, she expertly guides teams in creating resonant narratives that strategically connect clients with their target audiences.