Our B2B Video Process

Video is an engaging, accessible and visually delightful way to tell a brand’s story through videos such as animated, easy-to-consume Explainer videos or impressive About Us videos that feature your company's people and their expertise.

  1. Strategy & Concepting
  2. Production
  3. Post Production
  4. Promotion

We specialize in strategic concepting and production of several types of B2B video including: Company Overviews, Animated Explainer Videos, Product Demos, Thought Leadership videos and more.

We can also provide ad-hoc post-production services like animation, motion graphics, professional voiceover sourcing, making us a truly flexible partner for all of your video production needs.

“The transformative and widely-accessible power of video is a must-have in this digital age. Our professional, creative and innovative productions will bring your story to life through video. We make a traditionally complex process feel effortless and fun.”


The Process

We specialize in creating video content in your brand's identity for the digital world.


1. Strategy & Concepting

We collaborate with your team to identify the video's main objectives and from there we craft a script that outlines your businesses unique story and solutions.This script will then creatively evolve into a Storyboard - a scene by scene illustration of the story. 


2. Production

We bring the script and storyboards to life through animation with our seasoned team of animators, producers and voiceover talent. Here we capture any interviews or footage necessary to tell your story.


3. Post Production

In Post Production, our specialist assemble all of the pieces into place through editing, motion graphics, music track search, voiceover talent sourcing, booking and recording, professional audio mix and color correction.

What sets Beacon Digital apart? We always offer a shorter "Cut Down" length video derived from your Hero video that can live beyond the landing page and perform on your social media channels.


4. Promotion

Based on the strategy plan set into place in the Strategy & Concepting phase, we can create Paid Ads, Organic Social Posts and many other deliverables to allow for sharing your video across your social channels, webpages and streaming platforms, traditional TV, radio and more. 

Types of Videos

In addition to the video types below, we can also assist with any ad-hoc post-productions needs.

About Us Videos
An About Us video is a first introduction to who you are and what you do, detailing your company’s mission and value proposition. About Us videos can be shot onsite in your office or a scouted location, and often feature key members of your leadership team. As an alternative, About Us videos can utilize stock footage and remote footage capture.
About Us videos are typically:
  • A combination of Live Action and Animation
  • 2-5 Minutes in Length
  • Scripted with Professional Audio Mix





Explainer Videos
An explainer video gives your audience a conceptual and stylized overview of your product or service in the form of an easy-to-understand animation. The narrative captures your audience's pain points, your product or service’s value, and at least one example of a use case.
Explainer videos are typically:
  • Script & Professional Voice Over
  • Storyboard & Custom Illustration
  • Animation
  • 2 Minutes length





Product Demo Videos
A Product Demo video provides a stylized walkthrough of your product. This not only gives your audience a "how-to" guide on using your offering, but it also shows them that the product can do what you claim it can. These videos can be high level or all about the details.
Product demo videos are typically:
  • Fully scripted with voice over
  • A mix of Animation and Motion Graphics
  • 2-5 Minutes in length




Thought Leadership Videos
Used at the top of the funnel, thought leadership videos are educational and help position your company and brand as an authority within your space. Depending on the subject matter and the distribution channel, these videos can vary in length. While short videos can be more engaging on social media, some topics may require a deeper dive.
Thought leadership videos are typically:
  • Fully Scripted
  • Remotely Captured or Filmed On-Site Footage
  • A combination of Live Action, Stock Footage and Animation
  • 2-5 Minutes in length


Customer Testimonial Videos
Used at the mid and bottom of the funnel, customer testimonials or interview videos help to provide that third-party endorsement when you're trying to book a meeting or close a sale. Testimonial videos can be combined to make one hero mash-up, or can be individual stories about how your company helped solve their challenge.
Testimonial videos are typically:
  • Lightly scripted
  • A combination of Remotely Captured or Filmed On Site Interviews and Motion Graphics
  • :30 Seconds - 1:30 Minutes in length




Hype Videos
Hype videos are a great way to create excitement for your company. Whether through exposing prospective employees to their potential colleagues, revealing a new company update or simply providing a seasonal greeting, your Hype video can help move the needle on engagement, applicant quality and more!
Hype videos are typically:
  • Can be Fully or Lightly Scripted
  • A combination of Remotely Captured or Filmed on Site Footage, Motion Graphics and/or Animation
  • :30 seconds - 1:30 in length