Podcasting may seem intimidating at first...

..but like blog posts, podcasts follow the same pillars of inbound marketing.

A great starting point is adapting the adage "write what you know" to "speak what you know." And what you know best is, hopefully, your brand. Creating a branded podcast is the perfect opportunity to produce educational content for an audience of people who want to know what your business does.

B2B brands can also use podcasts to raise awareness for the problems they solve, and the solutions they can offer using original content in a fun, accessible format. We’ll help you figure out how -- from start to finish -- or provide a la carte services to augment the skills your marketing team may already have in house. 

The Process

In order to remain nimble and cater to client needs, services are offered a la carte or in packages. In addition to services in producing your business podcast, we can help your company find existing guest podcast opportunities for your executive team and thought leaders -- increasing brand awareness and ultimately lead generation.

Strategy & Concepting

Strategy & Concepting

Our strategy and concept services will help you define and structure your podcast program to align with your marketing objectives, and define an execution plan that will fit your timelines and budget. 

We’ll start with a working session to understand and define the target audience, your goals and KPIs for the podcast, and then conduct keyword and competitive research that will help inform the content and positioning of the podcast. We’ll then work with you to define the overall frequency, and choose an appropriate host and format of the show.

Finally, we will suggest a promotional plan that will work with your budget and reach the target audiences we have identified. The end goal of this stage is a thorough brief that can be shared internally to your company for review and approvals before embarking on your new podcast series.

  • KW and Competitive Research 
  • Define the intended audience 
  • Define goals and KPIs
  • Define logistical details on frequency, host, and format
  • Create a promotional plan

Branding Package

Branding Package

Our podcast branding package will help you define the look and feel for your podcast program in a way that appeals to your target audience. Is the podcast serious or fun? Quirky or Introspective? What feeling should people have about your brand after listening to your podcast? These are all questions we’ll try to answer as we create the podcast’s identity. 

The end products for this phase of our project will be a podcast name, a logo, cover art, boilerplate descriptions, an identified soundtrack(s), a landing page design, an email design, and social media graphics that will be used for episode promotion.

  • Podcast Naming and Logo Creation 
  • Cover Art Creation & Boilerplate Descriptions 
  • Music track selection
  • Intro & outro production
  • Content calendar planning 
  • Landing page creation for your podcast
  • Email template creation with branded look and feel
  • Promotional social graphic templates 

Production Package

Production Package

Depending on your capabilities to record audio in-house, we offer two service levels for each podcast production. If you are able to record in-house, we offer a discounted version of our services if we are not physically coming on-site with our equipment to record. For first time podcasters, we do however recommend the full-service option where our team can bring proper recording equipment to ensure the highest quality output.

Our pre-production support includes logistical planning, and script/outline preparation for each episode. Our final post-production editing includes sound-mixing, transcripts and an episode summary. To maximize efficiency, we often recommend recording two to three episodes per session. 

  • Pre-production & On-site recording
  • Post-Production Editing
  • Interview Scripts and Outline
  • Interview Transcripts
  • Episode Summaries

Promotion Package

Promotion Package

Whether you need assistance with a few promotional activities, or the whole package, we can support your podcast promotional plan in a variety of ways -- from paid media targeting to syndication.

  • Promo Emails
  • Promotional Graphics
  • Paid Social Ad Campaigns
  • Organic Social Posts
  • Promotional Blog Posts
  • Distribution & Syndication Support

Podcast Guest Placements

Podcast Guest Placements

Raise your brand awareness through Guest Podcast appearances on existing programs with established audiences. Our placement outreach services are billed on an hourly basis, and include the following process: 

  • Identify: We’ll research potential Podcasts that target the right audience and that seem like the best fit for your brand. We’ll compile key data about each option and create a spreadsheet of options to discuss with you.
  • Outreach: We’ll contact each approved podcast host or media team to pitch an interview with a company executive or thought leader, and secure a placement at an approved date, time and location.
  • Interview Prep, Support: Upon request, we’ll help brief the thought leader or executive on the nature of the Podcast either in writing or by phone/video to ensure adequate preparation for the interview. We’ll discuss any topics of interest and ensure that the interview or podcast appearance focuses on topics important to your brand. 
  • Promotion: Upon requested, we’ll help you promote your Podcast appearance through organic social media, paid social channels, email or organic blog content for your website. 

Our Latest Work

software app podcast

The Top Floor

Sector/Industry: A real estate property management software company
Client: AppFolio
Scope: Two seasons, six episodes each 
Length: 15-30 minutes per episode
Producer: Lily Johnson

Ready to produce your podcast?

If you're interested in getting a custom quote for work on your business podcast, contact us and we will set up a time to gather the necessary information to create a quote. We're looking forward to working together!