Creative Branding and Logo Design

Whether you need a subtle modernization of your logo, an update to your brand identity guidelines, or a complete makeover, our team can get you where you need to be.

The Process

We specialize in creating and implementing your brand identity for the digital world.

Step 1

1. Design Brief and Research

Before we can understand your brand, we need to understand you. Over the course of 2 work sessions, we’ll work through your likes and dislikes, the competitive space, and all of the possibilities. We’ll ask a lot of questions and listen hard. We’ll develop an initial design brief to both inform and ultimately support creative development throughout the life of the project.

Step 2

2. Creative Development

This is the fun part, developing the system: Logos, typefaces, colors, textures and patterns. And lock-ups. And mock-ups. Looking at context from the very beginning is clutch, because while coming up with a singular, ruling mark is our specialty, you never want a hero to go alone. They need armor and discipline in order to succeed, which will be the full visual language surrounding the logo. This may include illustration or unique icon sets, opportunities for animation. It all depends on the direction we want to go.

At the 2 week mark, we’ll show you at least 5 different design directions. If none of the work meets the mark, we’ll go back to the drawing board and present 2-3 new ideas within a week.

By the end of our 4-week creative development process, a direction should be selected as the winning mark, so that application of the logo and identity work can begin, whether that's a new website design, brochures, or office signage.

Step 3

3. Approval

A brand has been born. You choose the winning direction and we will provide original designs for up to 3 standard collateral applications: business cards, digital letterhead (or similar template) and a simple print announcement piece. Interested in other design work? No problem. As the identity work wraps up, we can work from a menu of collateral options to make the brand launch as visually impactful as possible.

Step 4

4. Final Files and Brand Guidelines

Once we’ve gotten you out on the road, we’ll create a solid road map of how to keep you sailing straight: multiple versions of your logo in a wide array of sizes and types for usage across all mediums, all typefaces and hierarchy, color recipes and more. We also set you up with your own password-protected client portal, so that files and relevant info are easy to grab for all pertinent players and partners.

Collateral Development

Once your brand guidelines are created, we can assist with supporting brand assets.

Blog Posts
Blog content description
Blog Posts Come in Several Formats:
  • Supporting blogs (600-800 words) 
  • Thought Leadership blogs (1200+ words)
  • Pillar blogs (2000+ words)
  • Optimizations of existing content
Ebooks and White Papers
An explainer video gives your audience a conceptual and stylized overview of your product or service in the form of an easy-to-understand animation. The narrative captures your audience's pain points, your product or service’s value, and at least one example of a use case.
Ebooks and White Papers are typically:
  • 5-10 pages in length
  • Professionally designed in a PDF or slideshow format
  • Placed behind a "gate" or a form on your website as a lead generation tactic
Product Demo Videos
A demo provides a stylized walkthrough of your product. This not only gives your audience a "how-to" guide on using your offering, but it also shows them that the product can do what you claim it can.
Product demo videos are typically:
  • A mix of animation and motion graphics
  • 2-5 Minutes in length
  • Fully scripted with voice over
Thought Leadership Videos
Used at the top of the funnel, thought leadership videos are educational and help position your company and brand as an authority within your space. Depending on the subject matter and the distribution channel, these videos can vary in length. While short videos can be more engaging on social media, some topics may require a deeper dive.
Thought leadership videos are typically:
  • A combination of live action and motion graphics
  • 30 Seconds- 1:30 in length
  • Lightly scripted