Our Approach and Inbound Methodology

Our team is HubSpot certified in the Inbound marketing methodology, that utilizes a four-part framework: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight. We begin every new client engagement with a strategy session to help determine the parts of the Inbound framework that are missing or need attention.

From Funnel to Flywheel

While we still utilize a funnel process in the way we deliver reporting, consider how a a flywheel approach can change the way you invest in marketing. Flywheels represent a circular process where customers feed growth. This could lead to an increased investment in customer marketing,  customer advocacy, and more investment in delightful onboarding for new customers or clients. 

Friction kills flywheels. Knowing this, think how would your marketing team could make investments that systematically target the points of friction: adjusting the entry price point for your product or service; identifying channels that help people connect now instead of later; or creating resources for your sales process that educates them about how your solution stacks up in the marketplace.

Whether you're thinking about a flywheel or a funnel, there are tried and true digital marketing tactics that can help along the way.

Attract the right kind of visitors to your website

The attract step of the inbound marketing process is all about providing relevant and remarkable content that draws people in. We work with our clients to build buyer personas, which are representations of your ideal customers. Buyer personas, by revealing who your customers are and what they are interested in, allow us to align blog posts and other content to bring value to your target customers.

We also provide search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your website to attract more visitors from search engines. Search optimization allows us to produce great content that your clients or customers find valuable.  We undertake extensive keyword research to ensure that the content we create aligns with search traffic around your products or services. We help our clients with editorial content development and planning, and aligning that content strategy to your search strategy and your buyer personas. We also help promote your content throughout your network via social media organic and paid channels, content syndication, and programmatic advertising.

Other initial steps in an inbound content strategy could include documenting your keyword themes, establishing voice and tone guidance, conducting a content performance audit, or documenting your customer's buyer journey.

Convert your website visitors to leads

Now that you’re attracting interested visitors to your website, we help turn those visitors into leads. This is called the conversion process, and it begins with a critical first step: the call-to-action. We help our clients place clear and enticing calls-to-action on website pages, blogs or in emails to promote offers that link to a landing page. Using inbound best practices, we design high-performing landing pages, where visitors fill out a form to receive the call-to-action offer. Collecting this contact information on the landing page turns a visitor into a lead, and lets you learn more about the type of people interested in your business.

Close more leads using lead scoring and integrations

We help you turn leads into customers by using email, lead scoring, and CRM integrations. We help you send nurturing emails to the right people at the right time by segmenting your audience by buyer persona. We develop relevant content, design, and optimize emails for our clients that build relationships with leads and move them closer to becoming customers. We make sure that emails have clear, measurable goals so that we can test and analyze to make sure you’re getting the best results.

Delight with outstanding customer experiences

At BDM, we help you build loyalty and trust through focusing on the key to inbound marketing, understanding your customers. The delight stage is important because it turns customers into promoters who will recommend your business to colleagues, business partners, friends and family. We help our clients delight by delivering outstanding customer experiences that are valuable and enjoyable. Whether through an email, blog post or call-to-action, we aim to build customer trust and develop long-term relationships by making sure your marketing strategy meets the needs of the people you are working to reach.

Types of Content

We can assist with production of a variety of content types to attract visitors to your website.

Blog Posts
Blog content description
Blog Posts Come in Several Formats:
  • Supporting blogs (600-800 words) 
  • Thought Leadership blogs (1200+ words)
  • Pillar blogs (2000+ words)
  • Optimizations of existing content
Ebooks and White Papers
An explainer video gives your audience a conceptual and stylized overview of your product or service in the form of an easy-to-understand animation. The narrative captures your audience's pain points, your product or service’s value, and at least one example of a use case.
Ebooks and White Papers are typically:
  • 5-10 pages in length
  • Professionally designed in a PDF or slideshow format
  • Placed behind a "gate" or a form on your website as a lead generation tactic
Product Demo Videos
A demo provides a stylized walkthrough of your product. This not only gives your audience a "how-to" guide on using your offering, but it also shows them that the product can do what you claim it can.
Product demo videos are typically:
  • A mix of animation and motion graphics
  • 2-5 Minutes in length
  • Fully scripted with voice over
Thought Leadership Videos
Used at the top of the funnel, thought leadership videos are educational and help position your company and brand as an authority within your space. Depending on the subject matter and the distribution channel, these videos can vary in length. While short videos can be more engaging on social media, some topics may require a deeper dive.
Thought leadership videos are typically:
  • A combination of live action and motion graphics
  • 30 Seconds- 1:30 in length
  • Lightly scripted

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