Content Strategy that Drives Results

Content is the cornerstone of an effective marketing plan. Our team of content strategists plans, creates, and promotes content that builds brand awareness, establishes thought leadership, increases audience trust, and supports the buyer’s journey. Our knowledge of cyber, fintech, GRC, and SaaS means we speak your audience’s language.

Our content strategists take into account industry trends, SEO best practices, competitor research, your audience’s needs, challenges, and goals and combine that with great writing to develop a roadmap for content marketing success.

The Process


Content Discovery Call

Your dedicated content strategist will meet with you regularly to discuss upcoming content initiatives, SEO strategy, and overall marketing goals to inform the creation of a content roadmap.


Roadmap Creation

Your content strategist will lay out a plan for upcoming blog posts, gated content, video, and more, accompanied by keyword research, target personas, and a content promotion plan. We’ll create a monthly roadmap for the first three months as we get to know you and your team, then move into quarterly content planning.



Your content strategist will present the content roadmap on a dedicated strategy call. We’ll talk through the topic and goal of each content piece, look at the SEO strategy behind each, and discuss ideas.



Beacon Digital’s team of writers, editors, and journalists will get to work creating the content once the roadmap has your seal of approval. We’ll review materials you provide, conduct background research, and conduct subject matter expert interviews to create compelling and engaging content for your audience.



Every month, our team will dive into reporting to give you insight into how your content is performing, including tracking SEO rankings, keywords, and the success of content optimization work we performed in the previous months.

Building Your Plan

Our team of writers, editors, and journalists specializes in collaborating with you to create compelling content for technical industries and audiences.

Blog Posts
Expert-driven article that requires deeper technical knowledge or research
Standard blog posts are typically 600-800 words. Standard blogs aim to:
  • Drive organic search traffic
  • Increase keyword rankings
  • Provide educational content to your target audiences and build brand awareness
  • Maintain a consistent publishing schedule of fresh content on your website
Thought Leadership Articles
Builds the presence of a key individual thought leader at your company
Thought leadership articles are typically 800-1000 words and include an interview with your SME to shape the direction of the article. Thought leadership blogs aim to:
  • Establish a subject matter expert (SME) at your company as the voice of your brand
  • Provide a new opinion, new research, or a new solution to a problem that resonates with your audience
Thought Leadership Videos
Used at the top of the funnel, thought leadership videos are educational and help position your company and brand as an authority within your space. Depending on the subject matter and the distribution channel, these videos can vary in length. While short videos can be more engaging on social media, some topics may require a deeper dive.
Thought leadership videos are typically 30 Seconds- 1:30 in length and include a combination of remote recording and motion graphics. These videos aim to:
  • Establish a subject matter expert (SME) at your company as the voice of your brand
    Support the content produced in thought leadership articles in a visual format
  • Gain traction and reach on organic social channels
Pillar Blogs
Long-form, un-gated content
Pillar blogs are typically 3000+ words with stock images and can also include custom graphics to highlight research data, quotes, and more. Pillar blogs aim to:
  • Provide a comprehensive overview of a topic at the core of your business to build authority and to answer all the questions a reader might have on a subject
  • Increase search traffic and improve keyword rankings
Ebooks are typically 3-5 pages in length and are highly visual designed PDFs.
Ebooks aim to:
  • Visually explain or introduce a topic or concept
  • Provide ideas for how to use your company’s products or services in response to specific painpoints
  • Include an interview with a subject matter expert at your company
  • Serve as gated content — placed behind a form — as a website or paid media lead generation tactic
White Papers
White papers are typically up to 5,000 words and include a professionally designed PDF or slideshow format of the content.
White papers aim to:
  • Tell the story of a particular trend, problem, or solution within your industry
  • Include valuable insights based on research and owned or accessible industry data
  • Include interviews with subject matter experts at your company
  • Serve as gated content — placed behind a form — as a website or paid media lead generation tactic
Content Optimizations
Identify the potential changes for search ranking improvements
Content optimizations aim to:
  • Improve search traffic and keyword rankings
  • Give strong existing content a refresh and republish it to reach new eyes
Case Studies
Case studies are typically a 3-5 page PDF document following your brand styles.
Case studies aim to:
  • Paint the picture of a challenge a client was facing, a description of the work you performed, and the outcomes delivered by your product or service
  • Serve as a critical touchpoint in the buyer journey, allowing future customers to see and understand your solution

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