Associate Director, Content & SEO

June Brown

What She Does Best

June Brown is a marketing virtuoso with a career spanning over 10 years, specializing in crafting compelling narratives and strategic initiatives for diverse industry sectors. Her client list is as eclectic as her skill set, including names from AI/ML, Crypto, Cybersecurity, SaaS, Fintech, B2B, and the Legal sector. June doesn't just make the marketing magic happen; she is the wand, waving in successes for companies by developing content and strategies that not just meet but exceed goals.

In 2019, she went above and beyond by attending the OK Coders Bootcamp through OU, sharpening her front-end development skills. This deeper understanding of web development and coding further broadened her capability to lead multi-faceted marketing campaigns. Her written prowess doesn't stop at copy; she's been a professional writer for over 15 years, a published author, and a lecturer on Victorian paranormal and occult history.

As a member of Techlahoma and Oklahoma Women in Technology (OKWIT), June is well-recognized within the technology community for her commitment to quality, innovation, and professional development.

Origin Story

June's academic journey took her through an intensive training regimen at the OK Coders Development Bootcamp in 2019. There, she honed her skills in front-end web development, paving the way for a career that defies easy categorization. Throughout this journey, she has been an avid learner, combining her passion for history, technology, and marketing into a unique and impactful professional profile.

When not behind a keyboard, you can find June:

  • Exploring paranormal and occult history
  • Hiking or kayaking in nature, fully embracing the great outdoors
  • Creating digital illustrations that express her artistic side
  • Taking the stage as a stand-up comedian, because she knows the value of a good laugh
  • HubSpot, Certified Content Marketer
  • HubSpot, Certified Inbound Marketing Consultant
Top Skills
  • Brand Awareness
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing and Content Strategy

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