Hired: Getting Buy-in

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Great marketing ideas come naturally to you. But will others recognize and join your vision? Our sophomore episode of the ongoing Hired miniseries -- about the experiences of recently hired CMOs -- digs into the obstacles and solutions to generating buy-in for your marketing program. Often new CMOs are untested commodities. And when you first arrive at a new company and team, great strategy and logistics are table stakes. Getting others aboard your program requires nurturing relationships founded on trust within the C-suite and among your direct team. 

Our guest is Frances Zelazny, the CEO at Anonybit, a startup that focuses on decentralized biometrics. Prior to joining Anonybit, she was the CMO at Signals Analytics and Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at BioCatch. With two-decades of experience, Frances shared with us a wealth of experience at tech startups and what it takes to sell your vision. While startups tend to be fast-paced environments, marketing can take a while to come to fruition, Frances explains. Marketing technology that’s transformational is exciting, but there’s always the challenge to convince your audience of the solution’s value.

Key Takeaways

Diving head-first into your first marketing program may feel like the right move -- who doesn’t love an energizing CMO? But we recommend a more calculated approach. Gaining invaluable buy-in often means properly assessing where your team is at: 

  • What resources are needed? 
  • What are the barriers to getting those resources? 
  • What is your team’s appetite for change?

So before diving in: complete an internal assessment of your new organization to gain a bird’s eye view.

Becoming a successful CMO starts with a solid foundation, which, in this case, are strong relationships. Generating buy-in from the C-suite, Frances says, means thinking like a CEO and communicating your vision via tangible KPIs. Often there’s no better way to demonstrate your success than numbers.

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Whitney Mitchell

Whitney Mitchell

Whitney is a natural leader with a knack for creating something out of nothing. She’s helped dozens of brands gain greater recognition for their causes and products in the digital world. Whitney’s experience doing literally every job Beacon offers, from graphic designer to operations to web developer means she’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and dig in when it comes to helping Beacon’s clients build the future of business.