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HubSpot is giving content management systems like Drupal, Kentico, Site Core, and Sitefinity a run for their money with the announcement of their new CMS Hub. Available in Professional and Enterprise tiers, the functionality upgrades will assist companies big and small in creating more immersive experiences for site visitors. And better yet, all of this can be achieved with little to no development.

In the G2 Grid for the Top Web Content Management Software products, you can see that HubSpot is already pulling ahead on all fronts:

Real-time reviews gathered from G2’s user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks, shows that HubSpot is the leading web content management software.

One of the greatest values of the HubSpot CMS (and particularly HubSpot vs. WordPress) is that it is completely and totally integrated with the CRM and automation tools of HubSpot, giving it unparalleled advantage over a stand-alone CMS that is merely "integrated." From website management, landing pages, and blog posts, you can quickly and easily access all your assets in HubSpot and spend more time focusing on the customer experience.

In this blog post, we'll outline the new features of CMS Hub and how they can help you build and scale a powerful and optimized website. Also, check out this short video!



CMS Hub Professional Features

These are some of the standout features offered in the CMS Hub Professional tier.

HubSpot Website Themes

The addition of a drag-and-drop page editor and a global content editor in the CMS Hub will make it easier for marketing teams to update the look and feel of their website without coding and stylesheets.

hubspot themes

SEO and Content Strategy

You no longer need to rely on online resources and keyword cheat sheets. Optimize your site pages, forms, and chat flows with on-page SEO tools.

Smart Content

Personalize your site content based on the specific attributes of your visitors. From custom CTAs to more personalized blog content, you can adjust what each user sees based on their location, device, language, demographic, and more.

Try These 5 HubSpot CMS Features to Make the Most of Your New Website

Content Staging

With the content staging tool, CMS Hub users can redesign and relaunch website pages in a safe staging area. You can import existing HubSpot-hosted pages or create new pages from scratch. 

Google AMP Blog posts

Improve the speed of your blog and your ranking in search with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This mobile-specific page format loads almost instantly on a mobile device, giving website visitors a clean and responsive experience.

Local Website Development

You can now develop on HubSpot using the tools, technologies, and workflows that you prefer best. Leverage tools like GitHub to handle version control, and make changes to your web assets as you’re ready. 

Website Traffic Reports

Wondering which of your website pages are performing best? How about the ones that just miss the mark? With website traffic reports in HubSpot, you can now easily analyze traffic to your website and get a better understanding of what content is resonating most with your customers.

CMS Hub Enterprise Features

CMS Hub Enterprise comes with everything found in CMS Hub Professional and more. Not only does it offer flexible themes and content structures for developers, editable pages for marketers, and secure experiences for customers, but it is also available at a fraction of the price of some of the most expensive CMS tools on the market.

Dynamic Page Testing

While traditional A/B tests allow you to compare two samples against each other, dynamic page testing in HubSpot enables you to choose up to five variations. Whichever option is the top performant will be shown to website visitors, ensuring that your content is always optimized.

Serverless Functions

Gone are the days when developers need to configure external servers and engage in tedious data transfer processes. With HubSpot hosted content like event registrations, guest books, and dynamic calculators, you can add interactive elements to your site in minutes.

Code Alerts

At some point, to the dismay of our customers, we all run into slow site speeds. Syntax errors, missing tags, and page errors all contribute to pages failing to load properly. Now, code alerts will notify developers and direct them to the specific areas of their site that have infrastructure and design problems.

Multi-touch Revenue Attribution

With this new feature, marketing teams can quickly determine which content drove the most revenue for their business and what channels influenced the most conversions. You can attribute every closed deal in HubSpot to a specific interaction in the customer journey. Whether it be an email, landing page, website page, or blog, this report will give you a better look into a customer's engagement with your content.

Content Partitioning

While this feature is in beta, content partitioning will ensure that specific teams have access to specific content. For example, if you only want your product marketing team to have access to product landing pages, you can assign certain pages to them while restricting others.

Account-Based Marketing

We've discussed account-based marketing on our blog before, specifically how inbound marketing can support your ABM sales strategy. The updates to Hubspot's CMS will make this even easier for marketing teams.

The first of three new tools to support account-based marketing is an ABM Dashboard and Reports Library. The dashboard and pre-built reports provide answers to common target account engagement questions. The second tool is Company Scoring, which helps teams measure the engagement of target accounts. And finally, standard ABM properties will help teams develop an ABM strategy, like ABM Tiers and Buyer Roles.

Multi-language Content Management & Testing

A/B testing is essential for determining how your marketing assets perform. Previously, teams needed to manually set up and test assets (i.e., two different email subject lines). Now, HubSpot offers artificial intelligence-powered A/B testing to automatically run tests and optimize your website’s conversion rates. And, you can test all your multi-language variations too. 


Advanced Targeting in Conversations

Being available to talk to customers and provide them with the most relevant information is important for companies of any size. With advanced targeting in conversations, your team can now trigger chat flows based on a visitor's location, page scroll behavior, referral source, and other unique attributes. Not only will these features improve engagement rates, but it will allow for a more personalized customer journey.

Higher Capacity

Enterprise companies that want to accommodate more powerful experiences and increased engagement will enjoy HubSpot's capacity upgrade. Workflows and reports have higher automation limits so that your team doesn't need to limit its creativity.

Previously, HubSpot's CMS was limited to a single domain to manage its platform, but now it supports having multiple domains managed from the same portal. For companies that create microsites for new products, events or other use cases, this will make HubSpot's solution more attractive.

multiple domains

Not only will HubSpot’s CMS improve your internal teams' experience, but it will also improve the usability of your website for visitors. Whether you have developers who are equipped to create a personalized user experience or you're part of a small, non-technical team, HubSpot CMS can support your marketing goals.

Are you considering HubSpot CMS for your marketing needs? We’d love to partner with you in 2020. We are strong leaders in the HubSpot development community and are thoroughly experienced in making the HubSpot implementation process smooth to ensure your investment is well worth it.

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