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An integral part of being a great marketer is keeping up with trends. With seemingly unlimited technologies and constant updates, there’s a lot to stay on top of. That’s why we’re rounding up our top three b2b marketing topics for the month. With plenty of developments on targeting, optimizing your CRM, and overhauling your long- and short-term strategies, let’s dive right in.  


LinkedIn: Key Narratives for B2B Marketing in 2021 

After the challenges presented throughout 2020, 2021 was the year that marketers accepted nothing less than innovation. In this article, LinkedIn recapped three key narratives that drove successful content in 2021—a year of evolution in terms of tactics and strategies focusing on these core themes:

  • Return to Growth: No longer looking back at what your marketing once was but instead, looking forward to what it could be.
  • Readiness to Do Business: Rethinking the way we target and engage with our customers through the use of partnerships and content.
  • Connecting Brand and Demand: Creating a bigger impact by connecting your long-term strategies with short-term initiatives.

What to Expect

The year 2022 will continue many of these narratives, including the connection of brand and demand with the need to balance each objective to achieve optimal success in both content and advertising. 

Read the full LinkedIn article here.


Paid Search: Google Sunsets FLoC and Announces New Topic API 

Introduced in March 2021, Federated Learning of Cohorts (of FLoC) allowed for interest-based targeting within browsers and mitigated issues with the removal of third-party cookies in 2023. However, Google recently announced the replacement of FLoC with a New Topic API that allows for similar targeting, but with key differences. 

The New Topic API will still allow for interest-based targeting but will only be stored with a user for 3 weeks, unlike FLoC’s unlimited time frame. The other major difference is that users can check in on their topics and opt out of targeting cohorts. 

What to Expect

The removal of third-party cookies in 2023 will change the landscape of advertising and planning, and assessing options is critical. First-party data is now king, so reconsider your capturing methods sooner rather than later.

Read the full Search Engine Journal article here.


Digital Strategy: The Future of CRMs

CRMs are at the heart of every business, with vital data and information related to customers, prospects, internal employees, and partners. However, CRMs have evolved from simply an organization tool to having broad reaching impacts across every facet of a business. Here, Forrester explores three key trends:

  • Using the CRM as a way to consolidate sales tech, marketing tech, and customer service tech into one ecosystem. 
  • Using data to recommend ideal organizational constructs. 
  • Using data for employee career paths, compensation, and opportunities for coaching. 

What to Expect

Make sure you’re utilizing your CRM to its full potential. Review how your organization currently uses your CRM and identify which data could inform your employees' career paths, your tech stack, and even organizational structure. 

Read the full Forrester article here.


As all other things are in marketing, trends are ever-changing. Be sure to check back here for more monthly B2B marketing topics to stay on top of, and get in touch with us for more ways to enhance your overall brand.

William Crane

William Crane

Adept at communicating and connecting with people of all backgrounds, William brings more than 10 years of experience leading, developing, and implementing digital marketing solutions for B2B clients. He’s worked with a variety of clients, from large multinational corporations with multiple business units to local small businesses. William previously served as the Director of Digital Strategy and Insights for a Portland, Oregon-based B2B marketing agency, helping it grow from a team of 3 to a team of more than 40. In addition to leading analytics, marketing automation, SEO, paid media, and business intelligence, William also focused on mentoring and providing team members in his department with a clear professional development path.