Try These 5 HubSpot CMS Features to Make the Most of Your New Website

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Why Choose the HubSpot CMS?

Whether you’re already enjoying HubSpot’s various marketing automation tools or not, you should strongly consider the HubSpot CMS (formerly known as the HubSpot COS) for your new website. The HubSpot content platform is paving the way for an advanced approach to optimizing your website for search and conversions. It’s loaded with tools that you’ll typically find in the expensive CMS systems like SiteCore and Adobe CQ, but for a much more affordable price. So yeah, content management is so 2018. Make 2019 the year that your HubSpot website is optimized to convert.

5 Benefits of the HubSpot CMS

Digital Branding

Intelligent Content

Content optimization is a game-changing benefit of the HubSpot CMS. The HubSpot CMS allows you to tailor the content you serve to your visitors, based on buyer personas you’ve established, or virtually any other attribute: new or returning visitors, their language, their status within your buyer journey, their source campaign, and more. The possibilities abound, but ultimately this means your forms, chat windows, and CTAs will all perform better than before because they are more relevant to your visitors. Hellooo conversions!

SEO Advantages

With the help of HubSpot’s content tools, your on-page SEO will also get a boost. You can optimize blog posts and web pages on the fly through the platform’s feedback on which terms will rank the highest. Our clients are saving precious resources by not having to do outside research before creating their content. It’s almost like having an SEO Expert at your beck and call. (Almost.)

User-Friendly Design

Another advantage of building a HubSpot website is the responsive, customized design that users love. Your site will always be ready to serve visitors efficiently (on mobile or desktop); the UX and speed make this platform stand out amongst the pack of competitors.

Analytics, Support, and Security

From keyword analysis to editorial calendar templates to built-in SSL certificates, this CMS will keep your site running smoothly. You’re not likely to run into many problems, but if you find yourself needing some help, there are a slew of support options for you. Personally, I love that I can live chat instantly with a HubSpot support rep if I ever have a question about the way a feature works, or if I can’t figure out how to do something.

Holistic Solution

The HubSpot CMS is an all-in-one marketing solution. When comparing HubSpot alternatives, you’ll realize just how smooth the integration is with this platform. The CRM assimilation is a no-brainer, but then you have a plethora of apps you can connect to your CMS as well. From solid hosting to smart content publishing, this seamless solution will take your business to the next level (or higher!).

Making the Most of Your HubSpot CMS

Optimize for SEO

Don’t overlook this one -- it’s huge. By simply following the steps within HubSpot's optimizing tool, you can perform a real-time checkup on your SEO. You don’t need to be a specialist to be sure your keywords are performing. Just confirm that your pages have meta titles, descriptions, and target keywords within your URLs. Every website page you build comes with a customized checklist to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity.

Set Up Content Strategy Tools

First things first -- if you don’t have pillar content in place, make sure you get on that! Once you have pillar posts in your blog, you can use HubSpot to establish content clusters. The cluster model is where SEO is undeniably heading and putting it into place now is critical.

With the Hubspot solution, you can also benefit from clearly defining your campaigns. Through intelligent integration, it’s possible to assign several elements (e.g. pages, forms, CTAs) to specific campaigns within your CRM. You can also manage campaign-specific ads and emails within HubSpot, which translates to unparalleled analytics. Knowledge is power and by keeping HubSpot informed, your marketing efforts will become more and more effective over time.

Personalize Content

Smart content is no longer out of reach for your business, as this leading-edge technology is inherent with the HubSpot CMS. Personalizing your users’ experiences will create a conversion-friendly environment on your new website. By creating dynamic lists, you can target persona segments and cater to your traffic like never before. Nothing builds the trust of users like bespoke experiences. With smart content, you can capitalize on their confidence and convert more leads each time. Your conversion rate will skyrocket from the capabilities of HubSpot’s content tools.

Optimize for Conversions

There are a few different options to explore on this one. Here are just some of the ideas to ensure you’re making the most of your leads:

  • Run A/B testing of popular landing pages
  • Set up lead flows in your blog posts
  • Utilize the live chat function
  • Run multivariate testing on your CTAs

You can perform some split testing on your highly-trafficked landing pages by changing things up and observing the outcomes. You might shorten up a contact form or play with the colors of your CTA to see if you provoke more leads. Try manipulating the layout or changing up the verbiage as well, to see how your audience reacts.

Through Form Pop-ups (formerly known as Lead Flows in HubSpot platform lingo), you can prompt more visitors to download the content you’re serving. Switch up your offer and drill down to which content performs better than other content. Take note of your findings and you can further refine what type of experience you want to deliver.

Some of your visitors might be feeling chatty. Although a form or CTA might be prominent on your landing page, give them the option to speak with someone live. You can try a page with chat and one without, then see how your conversions and bounce rates turn out with each variation.


Besides the obvious integration with the proprietary HubSpot CRM, there are several other solutions you can connect to your CMS. Tools like Salesforce, Zoom, Slack, Eventbrite, or GoToWebinar are just a handful of apps you can integrate. Since communication is critical to progress, HubSpot has ensured that all of these solutions will get along nicely.


We love partnering with HubSpot and we believe you’ll love it too. Your inbound marketing strategy should be inspired, right from the start. One of the best ways to ensure success is by intelligently serving content to your guests. You will have everything you need to market efficiently and effectively with a HubSpot website. If you’d like to take your web presence to the next level and reap the benefits of a content optimization system, give the HubSpot CMS some strong consideration. We’d be happy to get you going and partner with you as you crush your marketing goals in 2019.

Whitney Mitchell

Whitney Mitchell

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