Why Video Is the Best Format to Educate B2B Fintech Customers

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Fintechs around the world are changing the way we go about our daily lives, introducing technology solutions that make life simpler, as either consumers or as business professionals. A lot of times, however, the B2B fintech story is hard to tell. Abstract solutions and complex technology are what make fintech products and services so powerful, and often we fall into "explaining mode," highlighting features and technical details rather than the bottom line benefits to the customer.

You do need to let buyers know about those important details, but first, your future customers need to know why your solution is relevant and helpful to them and their business. How can you catch their eye in the first place? Video is one of the best ways to attract businesses that have a problem you have the solution for. Here's why.


Video is a powerful format. It enables businesses to distill complicated concepts into a short, digestible format and to tell a story that showcases even the most complex technology. Customers can visualize how a product or service can solve their challenges, even ones they may not have known they had.

Why should you use video to educate your customers?

What makes video marketing so effective for fintech companies is that you're helping your audience process a lot of information in a short amount of time. At the same time, you're educating them in a way that ensures they'll retain more information than they would in other formats. 

Four Types of B2B Videos Fintechs Should Create

Where should you start with video? First, be sure to clearly define your goals and audience. Once you have that squared away, you'll be ready to pick a format that makes the most sense for the story you want to tell. Each type of video has its unique benefits!

About Us Corporate Overview Videos

Your company's "About" video should be posted prominently on the "About Us" section of your company website. It gives a brief overview of your company. It acts as an online business card, detailing what challenges your company solves, and for whom; it often will introduce key members of the leadership team. It may not offer a lot in the way of detail on how your product works (more on how to do that later), but it should showcase your company's overarching organization and what it stands for. 

Here's what else it should include: 

  • Your company's mission statement. This is a simple declaration of what you're trying to accomplish. 
  • Your company's value proposition. How do you bring value to the world? How do you bring value to the customer? What value does your product add in general? 
  • Who are you? Your video should prominently feature your company's leadership team, including onsite camera footage with scripted talking points for leadership to read. You can also interview your team leaders for a more unscripted but authentic video. 

Think of this as your company's virtual introduction to the world. It should boil down what you do into easily understandable terms that make it crystal clear what purpose you serve. That makes it especially easy for companies you're trying to provide solutions for. 

Product Explainer Videos

An explainer video gives your audience a conceptual and stylized overview of your product in the form of an easy-to-understand animation. It should be short (typically 1-2 minutes, tops) and explain some critical concepts: 

  • Your audience's pain points, showing that you understand the problem at hand.
  • Your product's value proposition, demonstrating you are the solution to your customer's problem.
  • At least one example of a use case, showing proof that your solution has worked in the past.

In the world of B2B fintech videos, explainers are particularly well-suited to simplify complex concepts. Using simple, plain-speak language, you can give other businesses a clear-cut vision for how you can help them grow.

Product Demo Video

Having a bankable fintech product that works is fantastic, but you have to demonstrate (time and time again) that it works. That's where a demo video comes in. 

A demo provides a walk-through of your product or service. This not only gives your audience a "how-to" guide on using your offering, but it also shows them that the product can do what you claim it can. Demos should have a professional voiceover and clearly labeled instructions. 

The advantage of posting a demo video is that it moves your company's "secret sauce" from being conceptual to concrete in the minds of your audience members. It makes your offering that much easier to understand. 

Thought Leadership Videos


Thought leadership, in its many forms, is terrific for educating prospects at the top of the funnel; thought leadership videos can likewise help you position your company and brand as an authority within your space. Thought leadership videos are educational in nature, giving explanations on core topics within your specific field of expertise.

In a thought leadership video, someone from your company provides relevant information on an influential topic within the industry. They may provide key insights that can't be found elsewhere. 

Depending on the subject matter and the distribution channel, these videos can be long or short. While short videos can be more engaging at times when posted to social media, some topics may require a deeper dive. Your audience may find more value in a longer video with more information. You can also post these to your website to demonstrate your expertise. 


B2B fintech videos are a great and effective resource for improving how you communicate with other companies you're trying to do business with. They're a popular and easy-to-understand content format. They allow for versatility in how you promote your company, brand, and product. And they allow you to emphasize how you're able to solve the problems your audience is facing in a concise way. 

Producing videos can be more cost effective than you think. If you're looking to augment your video strategy for your fintech company, reach out to talk with our team!

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