Sr. Director, Production

Lily Johnson

From script to final cut, Lily’s honed sense for audio and visual (A/V) projects brings them to life. She collaborates with writers, editors, animators, and audio engineers to create compelling motion graphics, 2D/3D animation, live-action videos, podcasts, and more. 

With 10 years of experience as an Integrated Producer, working both in-house and in TV studios, and with a Certificate from the New York Film Academy in 16MM film production, Lily is an A/V pro who brings an innovative and creative approach to all our client engagements. 

When she’s not bringing A/V projects to life, you’ll find Lily: 

  • Cooking and eating beautiful meals  
  • Surfing waves and spiking volleyballs
  • Long trek hiking 
  • Traveling the world and immersing herself in other cultures  
  • Caring for her small homestead with her husband, dog, cat, and a flock of ducks and chickens
  • HubSpot, Certified Inbound Marketing Consultant
Top Skills
  • Client Management
  • Digital Strategy
  • Film Production & Directing
  • Social Media Management
Little Known Facts

I created a coffee delivery service in college where you could order a latte online and I would deliver it to your classroom called “Lily’s Lattes”. My motto was “Hot, Fresh and Ready for Class”.

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