3 Ideas for B2B Marketers: May 2022

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This month’s dose of B2B Marketing Trends is all about unifying tactics in design, paid media, and brand dimensions to strike the perfect balance. We’re exploring emerging creative trends; acquisitions, downloads, and video as paid media, and brand strategies that connect individuals at every layer. Take a look:


Emerging Creative Trends in a Post-COVID World

Digital creative has undergone a major shift in recent years, with new creative trends emerging in a post-COVID world. McKinsey's recent study focused on "the most perfect union," balancing the creativity of advertising with data-informed insights.

Adobe also released their creative trends forecast which focused on key themes of comfort, care, and connection, as well as the use of colors, fun, and whimsy. 


When developing new creative, valuing analytics insights, understanding industry trends, and appreciating global significance will together maximize results and exposure.


Acquisitions, Downloads, and Video Action Campaigns: The Latest Paid Media Trends

While LinkedIn is the primary B2B ad platform, the recent acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk is a monumental shift in social media, with B2B brands focused on its impact related to paid social. Other major paid trends include TikTok being the most downloaded app last quarter, with more B2B brands exploring it as a possible advertising avenue. 

For Google, video action campaigns can now include connected TV placements, which will allow advertisers to reach prospects who are also watching via a connected TV. 


Continue to monitor any adjustments to Twitter in the wake of its acquisition, while exploring emerging advertising placements, such as TikTok and video action campaigns. 


How a Unified Strategy Can Engage All Key Brand Dimensions 

When developing content, organizations should be considering each of the different dimensions of your brand which includes Corporate (partners, influencers, investors), Customers (end-users, clients), and Talent (employees, candidates). 

LinkedIn's recent guide focused on developing a unified brand strategy that pulls together all developed content and leverages your brand's DNA. The guide explores three key rules:

  • Tell a consistent and relatable story
  • Create an emotional connection
  • Showcase your authentic value proposition


Evaluate your current brand positioning from every dimension to identify areas where a more unified strategy may be applicable. 

If you’re looking for more help with keeping your marketing strategy up-to-date on current trends, get in touch with us.

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William Crane

William Crane

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