Beacon Digital Marketing Celebrates Win in Two Categories at the Web Excellence Awards

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Beacon Digital Marketing Wins 11th Web Excellence Awards

Beacon Digital Marketing has been honored as the winner of the 11th Web Excellence Awards! The Web Excellence Awards officially announced the winners on Monday, January 15, 2024. The competition, now in its 11th season, recognizes the best digital projects from around the globe.

This award recognizes the commitment, innovative spirit, and exceptional skills of our team in providing outstanding digital solutions to our clients.

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Elevating the Cyderes Brand through


Cyderes HomePage

Award Categories:

  • Best Website / Cyber Security
  • Best Website / Professional Services

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"When it comes to cybersecurity, it's critical to have a website that effectively showcases the expertise of the company," says Kirsten Trued, Director of Web Production. "For this project, we understood the specific needs of the client and aimed to deliver a digital platform that would truly represent their brand. With our expertise in HubSpot, we were able to build a robust and user-friendly website that not only met their needs but exceeded their expectations.”

"We are proud of the result and how we were able to solve the specific technology integration challenges for Cyderes, ultimately providing them with a powerful online presence to support their cybersecurity initiatives.”
Kirsten Trued, Director of Web Production 

Transforming into a Demand Generation Powerhouse

In November 2023, Cyderes initiated a strategic overhaul of its online presence with the launch of the redesigned The primary goal was to establish the website as a central driver for demand generation and sales within the business.

Cyderes (cyber-defense-and-response) provides best-in-class managed security services on a global scale, for the modern digital workforce. Born from the best of two award-winning cybersecurity companies, Herjavec Group and Fishtech Group, Cyderes helps organizations manage risk, and detect and respond to any threats.

The website redesign project set out with several key objectives. Firstly, the focus was on creating a contemporary, user-friendly, and easily navigable website. This included the clear articulation of Cyderes' value propositions. The revamped site not only showcases industry-leading solutions but also features thought leadership content in various formats such as blogs, long-form articles, videos, and webinars. These elements were strategically optimized to enhance organic search and SEO performance, foster visitor engagement, and facilitate effective lead conversion.

The implementation phase involved a comprehensive approach. User-centric design principles were applied to create a sleek and refined website. Strategic content development played a crucial role in enhancing organic search performance and engaging visitors effectively. Technical enhancements addressed search engine optimization, page speed, and conversion rates. The design aesthetic was then refined for a visually appealing and cohesive presentation.

Furthermore, seamless integration with the marketing automation platform was achieved, facilitating efficient lead management. Content management processes were streamlined to empower content creators, ensuring a more agile and responsive system. Importantly, every aspect of the website was meticulously aligned with Cyderes' primary business goals.

The culmination of the redesign project yielded a sophisticated, user-friendly that elevates their brand and is a powerful tool for demand generation. 

Read more about the Web Excellence Awards and get in touch with us if you'd like to take your cybersecurity website to the next level!

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Cathy Johnson

Cathy Johnson

As the Chief Growth Officer at Beacon Digital, Cathy is the architect of transformative growth strategies, steering the firm's trajectory towards new pinnacles of success. Leveraging her extensive background in marketing, events, and public relations, she expertly guides teams in creating resonant narratives that strategically connect clients with their target audiences.