The Challenge

A leading cyber security forensics company wanted to boost their webinar attendance and reach new prospective clients online. They needed compelling messaging, but also highly targeted ads to reach senior-level buyers including CISOs, CIOs, and CTOs.

We recommended both Google Search and Remarketing Display campaigns as well as a LinkedIn Ad campaign to accomplish the task. Here's what we did.  

Our client is a large Cyber Security company whose target customers are large financial institutions and enterprises. 

Paid Search, Organic Search, Paid Social Media, Lead Generation, Landing Page Conversion Optimization, Collateral Design

Visual Display Ad Design

We created multiple ad variations in different sizes in order to test the effectiveness of different brand colors and messaging (a sampling of those designs is included above). 

Branded + Non-Brand Search

We wrote enticing ad copy speaking about the educational benefits of an upcoming webinar series and built a strong keyword list of phrases users might be choosing to search for information on the topic.

Targeted LinkedIn Ads and InMail

In addition to Google Search campaigns, we helped our client set up LinkedIn ads targeting specific industries, job titles, companies, and groups. We tested different targeting options within LinkedIn in order to find the best performing audiences that were most likely to register for webinars.

Below is a brief snapshot of the LinkedIn Ads interface, which allows you to select a variety of targeting options for your ads, including targeting your past website visitors or matched audiences created from your CRM database.linkedin ad targeting options

The Results

During a two-week period, we were able to drive more than 36 registrants to the client's webinar with a very limited ad budget.