It's Time to Make Marketing More Efficient

Drive Revenue & Nurture Leads with Marketing Automation

What if you could get better results from your marketing efforts by doing less work? That's the goal of marketing automation, a strategy for reaching leads with emails, content and offers tailored to their interests in order to drive more conversions and closures. At Beacon Digital Marketing, we help you set up the workflows to make this happen, eliminating repetitive tasks to drive revenue and growth for your company and create loyal fans.

Email Marketing Automation

Workflow Example in HubspotTraditional email marketing, such as sending email blasts to a company's entire list, is impersonal and makes it difficult to measure and track results. Marketing automation focuses on sending highly-targeted, personalized messages to your leads and customers to guide them step-by-step through the buyer journey. We help you establish the workflows needed to do just that. And we make sure each workflow has a clear goal, allowing us to track success and make adjustments based on results.

Here's what a successful automated workflow could look like:

Step 1: Send an email to a targeted list of contacts asking them to download your latest case study.

Step 2: Send out a thank you email to the people who downloaded your case study.

Step 3: Within the next week, send a follow up email to the list of people who downloaded your case study offering them the opportunity to subscribe to your email newsletter on a similar topic.

Step 4: Let your sales team know about any people who also signed up for the newsletter. These leads are showing keen interest in your business and content, and your sales team needs to follow up!

This kind of workflow is delivering content to your contacts based on their behavior and interests, getting them the information they want and need to make a purchase decision. Best of all, it's all measurable! So you can see your conversion rates and revenue increase.

Marketing automation workflows can also be used to gather information from prospects and current customers as well. Is your company measuring customer satisfaction or determining how likely a customer is to recommend you to someone? There are emails and surveys you can automate to track this too based on when someone became a customer or when they interacted with your customer service department.

Automate Administrative Tasks

Marketing automation has the best success in converting leads and closing sales and can be used for much more than email marketing. For example, you can set up workflows to add or remove people from a list, alert sales teams of new leads, manage data and streamline other administrative tasks, all giving marketers more time to develop strategy based on how leads are interacting with their business. Beacon Digital Marketing uses automation software like HubSpot, Pardot or Campaign Monitor to help you establish workflows that make your work more efficient.

Marketing Automation and CRM Integration

Selecting the right marketing automation software for your business is critical. Are you already using SalesForce or SalesFusion for your CRM? This will influence what technology you choose as not all automation tools integrate well with every CRM or website. At Beacon Digital Marketing, we are a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner and experts in the HubSpot marketing automation software, which integrates well with many CRM options. We also have experience in a variety of other automation software used by our clients.

Can Marketing Automation Help Your Company?

Fill out the form above to get in touch with us about the specific automated workflows that can improve your team's efficiency. We'd be happy to talk with you! We are certified experts in HubSpot and Pardot, and have experience in a variety of additional automation tools that can make your life easier.