Manager, Marketing Analytics

Fraser Colmer

What He Does Best

Fraser Colmer's role at Beacon Digital Marketing transcends the conventional boundaries of a Manager, Marketing Analytics, by not only deciphering data but also sculpting it into insightful narratives that guide the sales and marketing activities of clients. In the intricate world of marketing analytics, Fraser emerges as a pivotal figure, meticulously crafting strategies through adept reporting, analysis, and marketing automation.

His expertise extends beyond Beacon Digital Marketing and is further supported by his certifications, including Google Analytics - Data Studio and Pavillion - Saas Metrics Fundamentals for Revenue Leaders. These certifications validate his capabilities in data analysis and reporting.

Origin Story

Fraser’s journey into marketing analytics intertwines his academic and athletic pursuits. Armed with a BBA in Management & Marketing from Radford University and a Masters of Business Administration from Delaware Valley University, Fraser has seamlessly blended theoretical knowledge with practical applications, a synthesis showcased in classrooms and on the soccer field as an assistant coach for Delaware Valley University’s Men’s Soccer Program.

His move from Southampton, England, to the US in 2014, facilitated by a soccer scholarship at Radford University, marked not just a geographical shift but also a strategic move into a domain where analytical skills and strategic thinking converge, both in sports and marketing analytics.

  • HubSpot, Certified Inbound Marketing Consultant
  • HubSpot, Marketing Software Certified
  • HubSpot, Inbound Sales
  • Google, Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)
  • Microsoft Office , Specialist Excel
  • HubSpot, Sales Hub Implementation
Top Skills
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Analysis and Reporting
Little Known Facts

Fraser is a three-time NCAA Division I Academic All-American . He loves golf. Growing up, he played soccer for Southampton FC Academy

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