Director, Web Development

Derick Beauregard

When you’re looking for a HubSpot pro, look no further than Derick. He’s as comfortable surfing HTML as he is surfing the cold New England water year-round. As Director of Web Production at Beacon Digital with ample knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, HubL, and the HubSpot API, Derick’s skills are put to good use building websites in the HubSpot CMS. He loves finding efficient, scalable, and accessible solutions for clients who may have little to no experience coding. 

A lifelong learner, Derick earned his BA in Business with a specialization in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and his Masters in Finance from Northeastern University. 

When he’s not building functional, approachable websites, you’ll find Derick:

  • Coaching his kids’ soccer, basketball, and baseball teams
  • Woodworking and creating beautiful live edge resin river tables
  • Hiking the New England trails 
  • Heading to the beach with his family 
  • Tackling his next home improvement project
  • HubSpot CMS, Certified Website Developer
  • CUNY Hunter, Certificate in Web Programming
Top Skills
  • CRM Management
  • E-Commerce Photography
  • HTML/ CSS/ Javascript
  • HubSpot & Wordpress
  • Photoshop Editing & Retouching
  • pHp
  • Programming & Web Development
Little Known Facts

Derick could grow a full head of hair if he wanted to. He's just not that vain.

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