The RevTech Summit  

Beacon's CEO & Founder, Whitney Parker Mitchell, shares insights at Signal's RevTech Summit

February 21, 2024


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The 4 Trends Changing the Shape of Your Martech Stack in 2024

Join Whitney Mitchell, CEO & Founder of Beacon Digital Marketing, and Jen Igartua, CEO of Go Nimbly, at RevTech Summit 2024 for an insightful exploration into the evolving world of marketing technology. This presentation will highlight key trends shaping the Martech landscape, offering a clear vision of how AI, ABM, data strategies, and first-party data are influencing marketing today. Attendees will leave with a solid understanding and practical tips for adapting their strategies to these emerging trends.

Whitney P Mitchell


5 Things You Will Learn:

  • Insightful applications of AI in marketing decisions.
  • Best practices for implementing ABM to unify marketing and sales.
  • The shift towards comprehensive data architectures and their impact.
  • Strategies for leveraging first-party data in marketing efforts.
  • Overview of analytical tools enhancing marketing personalization and efficiency.

Who Should Attend:

  • Marketing and sales professionals looking to update their strategies.
  • Data analysts seeking to understand the latest trends in data management.
  • B2B marketers interested in ABM and personalized marketing.
  • Business leaders aiming to modernize their marketing technology stack.
  • Content creators and community managers focusing on engagement through first-party data