A Collection of HubSpot Case Studies

Cents, Corellium, and Morrissey Goodale each had specific needs for their websites — vertical video content, a responsive global map, backend meeting integrations. The Beacon Digital web development team set out to create customizable, no-code HubSpot websites for a wide variety of unique client needs. 


Cents, Corellium, and Morrissey Goodale





Project Overview

Cents is a laundry tech software platform and service company that is modernizing an analog industry with a fully custom ERP and CRM made for laundromats. Innovative leaders of the company built a laundromat management platform and partnered with Beacon Digital to create a transformative offer that far exceeded expectations for demand. The company founders were keen to go “all-in” with HubSpot from the start in order to capitalize on a simplified tech stack with minimal integration work. 

Unique Challenges

Cents had a number of unique challenges that our design and development teams were excited to tackle. On the design front, the client wanted to see the incorporation of video in as many places as possible. This included embedded players that felt natural throughout the Cents site, featuring product explainers and portrait-style customer interviews. 

On the dev side, the company also needed some unique capabilities on lead routing that were not out-of-the-box features of HubSpot. Specifically, the sales team needed to be able to route leads to unique pages based on the number of stores they owned. In addition, the Cents sales team was growing, which meant they needed to make updates to the routing criteria regularly as the team changed. Our development team created custom solutions to assign leads based on form submission criteria. 


Though the design and desired functionality presented several interesting obstacles, our teams rose to the challenge and delivered a comprehensive set of modules and components. Each module contained settings to allow for various levels of “no code” customization and functionality. The result was a fully custom theme that empowered the Cents marketing team to manage content with ease.

Cents also streamlined their demo scheduling by utilizing HubSpot meetings. Each agent had a dedicated landing page with an embedded calendar. To address the Cents sales needs, including stores-based lead routing criteria that are easily adjustable, our dev team pulled out all the stops. By working with the Forms API, we built a custom module with a UI that allowed the Cents team to add, edit, and delete criteria through an easily manageable system.  

  • Developed “no code” customization modules for easy management
  • Created HubSpot meetings integration with embedded calendars, automated lead routing, and customizability
  • Recorded higher rates of conversion than previously achieved before the new site launch



Project Overview

 Corellium is an app development and testing platform that utilizes device virtualization to empower Android and iOS app security, testing, and education. They came to Beacon Digital with a small website and a basic look and feel. The Beacon team codified and expanded the look, feel, and aesthetics of the brand and then migrated the website from a hard-coded headless CMS into HubSpot CMS to allow the marketing team to have more control over updates.

Unique Challenges 

There were a number of unique challenges to the design and development aspects of the Corellium.com site. Corellium has a complex pricing model structured by usage and customer type and is still in its infancy. Therefore, a pricing table module needed to be flexible and easily manageable without help from a developer. Corellium also requested a map on their company page that illustrated where team members were located. As the team makeup is always evolving, they needed to be able to update the map without the help of a developer.


We worked closely with the Corellium team to create a pricing table module that allowed them to add, remove, and edit features as well as assign the feature to multiple tiers, all without developer assistance. As Corellium’s primary audience consists of app testers and developers, it was critical that the pricing module offer the same experience on mobile. We transformed the table feature into a solid mobile experience without requiring any additional steps for the Corellium team. 

The map on the company page presented the challenge of positioning each point exactly in its correct location and making it responsive for varying device sizes and orientations. Hard-coding this would’ve been simple, but we wanted to give the team the ability to make changes on their own. So, we took the extra steps of integrating GPS position coordinates into the UI, empowering the team to manage pin locations on their own without any code.

  • Launched an easily editable pricing table module that provides the same experience on desktop and mobile
  • Developed team location map, integrated with GPS positioning, screen responsiveness, and “no code” customization

Morrissey Goodale


Project Overview 

Morissey Goodale is a management consulting firm for the AE industry, helping architecture, engineering, and environmental leaders strengthen their organizations. The company came to Beacon Digital in need of a redesigned website that modernized and better represented the brand and company culture. In addition, they needed to be able to use the website as a sales tool, lead generation engine, and industry resource. Morissey Goodale published a large amount of thought leadership content, but it often got lost because the existing website had no search, filtering, or tagging features for the content. Along with a website redesign, the company also needed to increase their visibility in search and drive more visitors to the website. 

Unique Challenges

Morissey Goodale’s needs offered some interesting challenges given the company’s unique target audience. The current demographic of CEOs in the AEC space leans older (55+) and is not very ethnically diverse. As a group, they lean conservative on the political spectrum, are typically married, averse to risk, and have more than half of their net worth tied to their business. While the current demographic is older and lacking diversity, this has been changing over the past few years, and the company wanted to position themselves to appeal to a new generation of A/E CEOs. The Beacon Digital team needed to strike a balance in the website redesign that would attract a wide range of demographics.

Morissey Goodale is very well known in the industry for M&A, but they’re not known for their other services. On their existing website, they highlighted M&A content, but it was cumbersome to find other available services like strategy and consulting. The way the services were organized did not make sense for users. Our team needed to present the services in such a way that supported the company’s goals without taking away from its prominence in the M&A space.

In addition, the existing Morissey Goodale website was not set up for inbound and lead generation. They had no contact forms, and the contact page consisted of a list of consultants and email addresses to reach out to the specific consultant based on their specialty. 

The Morissey Goodale team had a lot of proprietary data that they utilized in multiple formats, including sales, subscription information for their users, promotion, and marketing. We needed a way for users to see this information and be able to interact with it. The site needed to be accessible and user-friendly for the Morrissey Goodale team to curate information and update the website easily.


The Beacon Digital design and development teams worked closely with Morissey Goodale to create a redesigned website that met the organization’s unique needs. We launched a website that:

  • Increased organic traffic and relevant non-branded keywords
  • Provided a better user experience
  • Boosted inbound and lead generation
  • Organized resources, publications, and thought leadership in  a dedicated insights section
  • Automated M&A activity display
  • Incorporated more white space to create a cleaner aesthetic and allow users to engage with the content
  • Developed intuitive user flowers that surfaced information exactly when users needed it

Closing Thoughts

HubSpot provides B2B companies with the tools and flexibility they need to connect with their audiences and easily manage the ever-evolving nature of their industries. And with the expertise and insight of a HubSpot Partner Agency, it can open a whole world of customizations, integrations, and tailor-made solutions unique to the needs of any one company. Learn more about Website UX, Design, and Development with Beacon Digital.