Project Overview

Cents embarked on a quest to find an agency that could craft brand guidelines and revamp their existing website to enhance lead capture. With aspirations of becoming the frontrunner in laundromat POS and positioning their brand for exponential growth in 2022, Cents needed brand guidelines and a website that exuded the same level of sophistication and innovation as their product. At the time, Cents lacked a distinct brand identity and personality. The website necessitated the inclusion of additional content/pages to effectively educate potential customers about the brand and seize valuable leads.

Goals & KPIs

Cents set their sights on improvement in the following key areas:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Enhancing visibility in search results
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (Lead Generation)
  • Refreshing the Design Aesthetic
  • Integration with HubSpot
  • Simplifying Content Management for Creators
  • Aligning Content with Business Goals and Priorities
Client Details

Cents is the industry-leading all-in-one business management system for laundromats and dry cleaners. Using both software and hardware, Cents provides proven solutions that help save money, transform operations, and drive additional revenue. By providing a comprehensive business management system, Cents empowers laundromat and dry cleaner owners to run their businesses more efficiently.

  • Strategy and Project Planning (Including Brand Guide and Persona Research)
  • Navigation and Site Architecture
  • SEO Strategy and Planning
  • Content Writing, Planning
  • Custom Designs & Wireframes
  • Content Entry and Migration

The Challenge


Our main challenge was to transform the old one-page website into a comprehensive platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. From single store operators to large franchises, we needed to create a website that would be relevant and appealing to them all. To achieve this, we had to conduct a detailed analysis of various business types and tailor our design and content accordingly.

An essential objective of the new website was to effectively communicate the wide range of products and services our client offers. This required us to thoroughly explore and identify the unique selling points of each offering. With this information, we crafted persuasive messaging and captivating visuals that would effectively showcase the features and benefits to our target audience.

Alongside these primary goals, we also considered crucial factors like search engine optimization, user experience, and accessibility. We ensured that the site was optimized with relevant keywords and had a well-structured layout that made navigation effortless for users.


Brand Guide Preview


Digital Ads

Copy of Cents_Digital-Ads_B


Copy of Cents_Whitepaper_E

Color Palette






Website Page Design Preview