Overview of the Project

The previous Xeneta website was burdened with an overwhelming number of page templates, causing difficulties in making updates throughout the site. To tackle this issue head-on, our team set out to simplify the template system, implementing a streamlined theme with a user-friendly drag and drop approach.

In addition to this, we also noticed a lack of consistency across the pages of the old site. To address this problem, we introduced a unified design that gave the website a cohesive and professional appearance. Recognizing the need for improved organization in the site architecture, our team identified areas for enhancement. With the new design and enhanced website fluency, Xeneta is confident that visitors will be able to easily find what they are looking for.

Goals and Key Performance Indicators

Xeneta has partnered with Beacon Digital to revamp the Xeneta.com website using a newly developed HubSpot CMS theme. The objective is to achieve improvements in the following areas:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Enhancing visibility in search results.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization – Boosting lead generation.

3. Updating the Design Aesthetic – Creating a visually appealing and modern look.

4. Integration with HubSpot – Seamlessly integrating the website with HubSpot for efficient management.

5. Easier Management for Content Creators – Simplifying the content management process for the team.

Client Details

Xeneta is a leading ocean freight rate benchmarking and market intelligence platform that transforms the shipping and logistics industry. By providing powerful reporting and analytics, Xeneta enables liner-shipping stakeholders to access the data they need to understand current and historical market behavior. With over 300 million contracted container rates and coverage of more than 160,000 global trade routes, Xeneta helps companies unlock accurate, real-time data that boosts their bottom line.

  • Revamped Homepage with a Fresh and Modern Design
  • Revitalized Theme with Over 40 Custom Modules
  • Completed redesign Rate Index, Integrated with Proprietary Data Feed
  • Enhanced Resources Page and Individual Page Templates
  • Seamless Migration of Existing Pages to the New Theme
  • Optimized User Experience Audit

The Challenge

Recognizing the challenges posed by the old website's multitude of page templates, the Xeneta team dedicated considerable efforts to enhance its user-friendliness for content managers. However, in order to offer a comprehensive solution, we proposed an entirely fresh redesign. Meticulously researching the latest web design trends and best practices, we crafted a tailor-made design that not only streamlined the content management process but also infused the site with advanced functionalities. By incorporating features like personalized product recommendations, seamless social media integration, and an advanced search system, our aim was to elevate the site's functionality while imbuing it with a premium vibe.


Color Palette






Website Page Design Preview


Platform Illustrations



The Results


The implementation of a user-friendly content management system made a world of difference for the client in managing their website. With this CMS, they were able to effortlessly update and edit their content, even without extensive technical knowledge.

Not only did the website's functionality improve, but the design also received a modern and forward-thinking upgrade. Carefully chosen colors were used to create a cohesive and memorable brand identity that left a lasting impact on visitors. With its sleek and user-friendly design, the website truly stood out among its competitors.