Project Overview

Corellium stood as a beacon of advancement within mobile development and security research, yet its brilliance remained hidden to many outside its core audience. Beacon Digital was entrusted with the mission to illuminate Corellium's presence, expanding its recognition to entice individual enthusiasts, enterprises, and government bodies alike.

Goals & KPIs

Our collaborative mission with Corellium focused on key objectives:

  • Elevating Brand Awareness
  • Amplifying Website Traffic
  • Generating New Leads and Securing Contracts
Client Details

Founded with a vision, Corellium empowers developers and security experts with essential tools, driving the evolution of smart devices powered by Arm processors.


Our strategy encompassed a comprehensive suite of solutions:

  • Engaging Digital and Social Media Advertising
  • Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Enhanced Website Content & Support
  • Captivating Promotional Video Creation
  • Dynamic Trade Show and Event Support

The Challenge

Boost Awareness: We aimed to magnify Corellium's brand recognition across diverse sectors—Enterprise, Education, and Government—transforming users into brand evangelists and carving out a unique brand identity.

Stake Our Claim: Positioning Corellium as the unparalleled leader in mobile app security testing was paramount, highlighting it as the quintessential platform for top-tier professionals and aspirants alike.

Educate Senior Leaders: Despite its user acclaim, a gap in understanding persisted among senior decision-makers. Our goal was to bridge this divide, showcasing Corellium's intrinsic value.

Spread the Word: Unveiling Corellium's marvel to new users was key, inspiring them to champion the platform within their circles as the premier choice.

The Results

Organic Traffic Growth: Witnessed a surge from 2,109 in April 2022 to 8,488 by July 2023.

Expansion of New Contacts: Achieved a monumental increase from 80 in April 2022 to 1,417 by July 2023.

Digital Ads




Landing Page Designs



Video Production