Project Details

Account opening (AO) fraud is a huge issue affecting financial institutions globally. Right now, 85% of financial institutions experience fraud in the account opening process. BioCatch has a proven solution for AO protection that they came to us to help promote to a target audience of banks and financial institutions around the world.

This was BioCatch’s first test of a true product marketing campaign. They chose Beacon Digital Marketing to bring the campaign to life from start to finish, trusting our digital marketing experience and creative chops to make their first campaign a success. They wanted to bring brand awareness at a large scale to their AO product through engaging and catchy messaging, while also generating leads for their sales team.



BioCatch empowers digital financial experiences that people can trust. They are the pioneers of behavioral biometrics, a cutting-edge technology that leverages the power of human digital behavior to deliver actionable insights and establish a world centered on trust and ease.


A complete product launch campaign including messaging, video, landing page, LinkedIn and Programmatic ads, and content. 

The Challenge

To help direct and measure our efforts, BioCatch set specific goals to measure the success of the campaign. Our main focus was on raising awareness and generating MQLs to fuel the complete campaign strategy. BioCatch has a longer sales cycle of ~6 months, and we needed to effectively nurture the target audience from first awareness of BioCatch to ultimately bring in 6-7 new AO customers.

  • Cost per lead of $400
  • MQLs generated 1,000
  • Conversion to SQL 5%
  • Ultimately, 6-7 new AO customers

To lay the groundwork for the entire campaign, we first developed an overarching campaign theme, and then workshopped key messages to align with top, mid, and bottom funnel content. BioCatch wanted to push the boundaries and take their messaging in a new direction than their usual, with the hopes of standing out in the market and capturing interest and attention through clever, engaging slogans and explanations.

  • Campaign Theme: When New Customers Are Not
  • Example Key Message: New Account, Who This?
  • Example Key Message: Behavior Tells All: During account opening, typing speed, swipe patterns, and every click of the mouse tells a story – one of cybercriminal activity or genuine user behavior. 
  • Example Key Message: Putting Bank Robbers Out of Business



To explain what the AO product is and does, we created an animated explainer video to visually explain a complex solution and problem in an engaging and accessible way. We began with strategy, concepting, and script writing through to storyboarding, production, and promotion of the video.



We designed a campaign-specific landing page to drive traffic from our brand awareness ads with multiple conversion points to help generate leads. We implemented the design into HubSpot using the updated module structure to allow flexibility in content updates and layout. The cornerstone of the landing page was the AO video we created.


LinkedIn + Programmatic Ads

A key part of the campaign was creating LinkedIn and programmatic ads for both the top funnel (awareness and traffic) and lead generation campaigns. We wrote copy for, designed, launched, and optimized the ads, including animated and video ads mixed in with static ads. We created multiple ads for each message, changing image design and copy to test and identify what type of ad and creative performed the best. For the programmatic StackAdapt ads, we created them in Spanish and in English targeting Latin America.




To support the campaign, BioCatch created a range of content, including webinars, white papers, an ebook, and blogs, and incorporated the key messages we created into each. We created and designed an infographic as a visual form of content that explained the problem of AO fraud and the BioCatch solution.



The Results

As a result of our paid efforts, we served 1.6 million ad impressions, building awareness of BioCatch as a brand and the AO Product. We also saw traffic from organic search increase after the launch of the campaign, due to users being exposed to the ads and then searching for related terms and the BioCatch brand name.


Average Monthly Paid Media Ad Spend

Over this three-month campaign, the Biocatch team averaged about $25k per month on the ad spend across several platforms, including programmatic, Linkedin, Google and Facebook.



Average Cost Per Lead

Over 3 months, we drove 1,050 MQLs, beating BioCatch’s total goal of 1,000, at a cost per lead of $85, which was a 78% lower than their previous CPL of $400.


Average Closed-Won Deals Per Month from the Campaign

Over the course of the 3-month campaign, 24 people who filled out forms during the AO campaign who then later became a customer.


Average Landing Page Conversion Rate

Our highly targeting ABM approach to the campaign led to high-quality traffic to the site, which converted to a contact at about 3% once on the website.