Project Overview

C-P Systems was seeking a new brand identity and elevated marketing materials to enhance its outreach campaigns. Along with developing a new brand identity, they partnered with Beacon to create key marketing and sales collateral including brochures, content and presentation templates, business cards, and email signatures. The result was a polished brand that communicated C-P Systems’ commitment to bringing clarity to complex engineering projects. 

Goals & KPIs

C-P Systems was looking for improvement in the following areas:

  • Brand Recognition
  • Credibility
  • Loyal Customer Base

Client Details

For over a quarter-century, C-P Systems has been at the forefront of addressing multifaceted engineering challenges. Renowned for elevating process efficiency, safety, and design, the firm is celebrated as a pioneer in chemical engineering.

  • Refreshed Brand Identity
  • Updated Marketing Collateral
  • Website Improvements
  • Improve Overall Look & Feel
  • Emphasize Workflow Processes
  • Capabilities Deck
  • Content Creation

The Challenge

The rebranding initiative for C-P Systems was fraught with unique challenges. Striking a harmonious balance between showcasing detailed engineering solutions and adopting a clean, modern design ethos was paramount. We intricately wove authentic engineering blueprints into the brand's visual narrative, ensuring technical precision complemented aesthetic simplicity.

Employing AI to replicate C-P Systems’ sophisticated piping systems, alongside custom iconography, introduced a novel dimension to their brand identity. These efforts were instrumental in portraying the firm's engineering prowess without sacrificing visual clarity.

The Transformation

Our commitment to overcoming these obstacles culminated in a brand identity that not only resonates with C-P Systems' core values but also underscores their leadership in the engineering domain. The refreshed brand and marketing assets have significantly enhanced C-P Systems’ position in the industry, fostering brand recognition, credibility, and a growing loyal customer base.

Brand Guide Preview

CPYS_Brand Guide_Intro-min

CPYS_Brand Guide_A-min

CPYS_Brand Guide_B-min

CPYS_Brand Guide_C-min


CPYS_Business Card_A-sm