Project Details

Beacon Digital was approached by Signals Analytics not only to revamp their website, but also to bring the Signals Analytics platform to life in a more visually engaging manner. Additionally, the goal was to provide diverse potential buyers with unique content on the website. Our comprehensive work encompassed devising an effective SEO strategy, crafting compelling content, designing visually appealing elements, and providing continuous maintenance.

Signals Analytics was eventually acquired by Kenshoo, to form a brand new company, Skai.


Signals Analytics is a platform connecting and classifying countless rich external sources into unified contextual data, augmenting analytic applications with unparalleled accuracy and scale to surface powerful trends and predictive insights that drive sustainable growth.


Wireframes, Web Design, Web Development, Hubspot, Email Campaigns

Website Design

Signals Analytics, a rapidly expanding business intelligence company, was in need of a swift website upgrade to incorporate fresh features and content. Take a glimpse into our process of reimagining their current brand guide and implementing a range of new web styles throughout their latest pages.

Color Palette








Website Page Design Preview



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