Marketing Budget Templates

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Budgeting can be tricky and takes a lot of time and thought.

To help you get started and save some valuable time during your budget planning process, our team at Beacon Digital created an annual marketing budget template with variations on spending levels for new marketing directors. Based on your discretionary budget, we lay out thoughts on appropriate amounts to spend for technology, advertising, events, external support and other marketing initiatives.

One of the most important aspects of your first 90 days in a new marketing position is establishing a budget. Early on, a new marketing director will likely be inundated with projects team members have been waiting to accomplish. While the excitement can be uplifting, it is necessary to keep things in perspective. What can feasibly be done within your company’s budget?

While planning for big picture marketing strategies takes precedence, conducting smaller, visible marketing endeavors shows stakeholders that work is getting done. One-off projects, like a short contest or introductory email, build stakeholder’s confidence while still allowing the long-term plan to stay on track.

A big part of your budgeting is making space for the tools and resources you recommend. You’ll want to secure the funds for these by presenting an organized budget to your leadership team.  The tools are necessary for your broader strategy, so the sooner they are up and running and available, the better for you and your team. When you're ready, and if you'd like help implementing a marketing automation or CRM for your growing team, we're here to assist!

For more tips on strategy and planning for new marketing directors, check out our blog post on how to build a 30-60-90 day plan.

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