UX Research & Strategy Agency 

UX Audits, Research & Strategy

UX audits, research & strategy can be the starting process of a website redesign or a standalone service to better understand the state of the website and whether it is serving the user needs as well as the business goals. Discovery is a preliminary phase in the UX Research process. This phase encompasses researching the industry and best practices and gathering insights and initial directions from interviews to inform the strategy.

UX Audit Process

We take a deep dive into the details of your website during our UX Audits. We make user centered, data driven recommendations to improve and optimize the user experience.

Step 1

Current Site Map

We begin by understanding where the current website stands in regards to information architecture. We create documents to accurately reflect the current site map and draw attention to any concerns with recommendations for optimization.



Step 2

Heuristic Analysis

Continuing to work towards understanding the current site, we perform a heuristic analysis of the website. Putting ourselves in the minds of the user, we walk through each page of the website and note inconsistencies in interactions, expectations of the users, and user journey hurdles.

Heuristic Analysis


Step 3

Competitive Benchmarking

Based on the knowledge that users prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know (Jakob’s Law), we analyze your direct competitor’s websites in order to understand the user’s needs and expectations.

Competitive Benchmarking


Step 4

User Flows

Using the information gathered from the previous steps. We create curated User Flows to optimize the new information architecture and assist users in understanding the product and driving them to the desired business goal.

User Flow

UX Research & Strategy Process

UX Research & Strategy sets the stage for a successful website project. It’s where business needs meet user needs.

Stakeholder Interviews

Stakeholder interviews are conducted at the beginning of a website project to provide a deep understanding of the business needs and user pain points from the perspective of a stakeholder. They help to create consensus and alignment around project goals, as well as provide an opportunity to gather additional information that the project may need.

User Interviews

We conduct user interviews to gather information about users’ needs in order to make user-centered decisions in creating landing pages, website pages, and entire site redesigns.

Research Analysis

After conducting both stakeholder and user interviews, we take a deep dive into the information we’ve learned from both parties in order to best understand the project and the needs of the business as well as the user.

Information Architecture

How information on a website is organized is arguably the most important part of website design; this is the foundation of the site. From our analysis, we create a site map of the new information architecture. This will be the roadmap of the website.