Our Approach to SEO

A strong SEO strategy will help your business generate more leads and get found by potential customers, but search engines are constantly switching up and tightening up their criteria for high rankings. We help our clients discover the right keywords to rank for, re-write content to have a better chance of discovery, audit and prioritize technical improvements, get insights on competitor benchmarking, and much more. While SEO improvements can take time to show results, we also build paid search campaigns that help you get immediate visibility for top searches.

Every year, over 2.8 trillion search queries are made on Google alone. It can be the first step in a buyer journey, the middle and the last. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be in front of your client or customer when they are looking for you.

Phase 1: We Research Your Business, Your Buyers, Your Competitors, and Your Content

Our research phase begins with understanding your company’s buyers — what are their challenges, what kind of information do they want to help them make buying decisions, what types of searches show intent to purchase, what other products and services would they consider? From this research, we create Keyword Themes based on the buyer journey. We also review the current landscape with a Technical Audit, a Content Audit of an existing website to show current performance and high-value pages, and a Competitive Audit to understand the landscape.

Phase 2: We Build and Strengthen Your Technical Website Foundation

With this information in hand, a company is ready to build a Keyword Sitemap  a comprehensive document showing which keywords the pages of your site should be ranking for — and then aligning your Meta Titles, Descriptions, and URLs around this strategy. We set up tracking tools like ahrefs, SEMRush, BrightEdge, Moz or other tools to help benchmark current performance and show progress in improved rankings and visibility. We also help you prioritize your technical improvements during this phase and ensure the plan for your website architecture is consistent with your SEO strategy.

Phase 3: We Develop Content that Aligns to Your Keyword Strategy and Build External Links to Your Site

In the long run, search optimization is about producing great content that your clients or customers find valuable. We help our clients with editorial content development and planning and with aligning that content strategy to your search strategy and your buyer personas. We also help promote your content throughout your network via social media organic and paid channels, content syndication, and programmatic advertising. Building a strong network of sites "linking back" to your own (e.g. backlinks) is another great way to increase visibility  and Beacon Digital can help.

How Much Do Our Search Optimization (SEO) Services Cost?

We strive to work within our client’s budgets to create a plan that makes meaningful progress as quickly as possible. Our flat hourly rate includes any SEO work, from strategy to execution to technical improvements requiring a developer. We typically recommend that clients allocate at least 20 hours to complete Phase 1 to build a foundation for success, and ongoing work can be scaled up from there depending on a client’s needs, budget and timeline.