Wondering What We Do?

What Sets Us Apart

B2B marketing dashboards and reporting are crucial to understanding the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns as well as understanding their impact on the sales pipeline and generated revenue. We work closely with clients to identify key goals and KPIs, ensuring that our reporting, dashboards, and analysis is tailored to answer the most critical digital marketing questions.

Marketing dashboards allow you to see progress and performance in real-time, understanding which levers can be adjusted to improve performance. Our monthly and quarterly reporting allows for a wider lens to understand how micro and macro trends can help to optimize our campaigns further.

Fraser Colmer | Manager, Marketing Analytics

Our Services

Platform Dashboards

Set-up of custom and standard dashboards within platforms such as HubSpot. These allow for real-time analysis and performance data.

Monthly & Quarterly Reports

Our integrated monthly and quarterly reports are built using Google Data Studio. They are crucial for understanding trends, attributing success, and deriving strategic recommendations for further improvement.

Pipeline & Revenue Reporting

We can work closely with your sales and operations leaders to create dashboards and reports to further understand and attribute marketing’s contribution to revenue and pipeline.

Benchmarking & Goal Setting

We develop in-house benchmarks for website performance, email performance, and paid performance, breaking down in key industries. This granular benchmarking is valuable to understand your campaign performance in context of your industry.

The Tools

We constantly seek out the most effective tools to give our clients an edge in their marketing efforts.