Director, Content

Nicole Spewak

What She Does Best

As Content Director, Nicole runs point on brand storytelling, helping clients strategically connect with their customers. Nicole is the driving force behind content innovation at Beacon Digital, a lead foot on the pedal of progress and an Adretti at the wheel of words.  

Nicole joined the team in 2018 and quickly established herself as a torchbearer during the agency’s early days. Her primary industry focuses are cybersecurity, fintech, regtech, and risk and compliance — she especially excels at taking startups and building their brand from “new business” to “newly acquired.” Notably, she helped build Security Compass’ brand from the ground up; they signed on with Beacon Digital in 2020 and, with Nicole’s orienteering, the brand was acquired by Kroll in 2022. She has helped numerous cyber clients secure placements in notable industry publications like HelpNet Security, Dark Reading, and ToolBox. Cybersecurity is a Beacon Digital core focus industry, and Nicole’s knowledge and experience have been instrumental in making it so. 

And we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed Nicole’s standout potential — she was a finalist for the 2022 Women in Content Marketing Awards for her exemplary work in the industry alongside experts from the likes of Google, Salesforce, AWS, and more.  

Origin Story

Prior to working at Beacon Digital, Nicole was the Editor in Chief for The Wheaton Record and a freelance proofreader for Westchester Publishing Services. We presume she got her nerves of steel from working in that environment. Or maybe they came from bushwhacking in the Catskills. After graduating (and studying journalism for a summer in Berlin), she moved into publishing, where she honed her writing and editing skills, both of which have proved invaluable to the Beacon Digital team.

Nicole graduated summa cum laude from Wheaton College with a BA in Communication: Media Studies, where she also studied journalism and international relations.

  • Coursera, Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences
  • Coursera, Content Strategy for Professionals: Expanding Your Content’s Reach
  • Coursera, Content Strategy for Professionals: Managing Content
  • HubSpot, Inbound Certified
Top Skills
  • Copy Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Inbound Content Marketing
  • Social Media Management
Little Known Facts

When she isn’t crafting killer content, Nicole spends her time reading, hiking, and playing with her rambunctious black lab. Occasionally, she does more than one of those things at the same time.

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