Manager, Human Resources

Ilana Hernandez

What She Does Best

Ilana Hernandez, as the Manager of Human Resources at Beacon Digital Marketing, is the linchpin of internal operations, ensuring that staffing, budgetary, and inventory processes run smoothly and effectively. A pivotal part of her role involves talent acquisition, where she meticulously identifies and brings on board professionals who align with Beacon Digital Marketing’s ethos and objectives. 

As the leader of our professional development initiative, she ensures that every Beacon team member is not only up to speed with the latest in the industry but also consistently evolving in their respective roles. 

Ilana has cultivated a profound passion for supporting and empowering women-owned businesses through her career. Her journey from the fashion world in New York City to becoming a pivotal part of companies like Luminary and CJC Insights showcases her versatility and commitment to fostering a strong community, building best hiring practices and operational structures within organizations.

Origin Story

Ilana's career trajectory is a testament to her adaptability and keen sense of identifying where her skills can make the most impact. Originating from Florida, she moved to the bustling city of New York to carve out a career in fashion, earning a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Marketing from LIM College. After dedicating several years to fashion PR, Ilana felt a shift was necessary, pivoting towards community building and operations and Human Resources.

Little Known Facts

Ilana loves to travel, crochet and watch Friends!

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