Account Director

Chris Yerinides

Chris is a skilled account manager and digital strategist, with years of experience in media buying and growing companies through lead acquisition. Chris is an enthusiastic and passionate person who loves taking data and crafting a story through numbers. Chris joins Beacon Digital from an ad-tech technology company where he lead digital marketing operations. When he isn’t working with the Beacon team, he’s writing music, performing in friends’ bands, and petting every dog in sight.

  • HubSpot, Inbound Certified
  • HubSpot, Client Management
  • HubSpot, Delivering Client Success
Top Skills
  • Creative analysis - no cookie-cutter approaches!
  • Active listening - I love getting to know people
Little Known Facts

Used to, and still might, know the value of every property/rent on a standard Monopoly board. I learned how to use guitar pedals before I learned how to pedal a bike. No, I was not a musical equipment genius at the age of 3, I was more of a “late-biker”. Never been in an official pie-eating contest.

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