Sr. Account Director

Chris Yerinides

What He Does Best

Chris Yerinides, our Senior Account Director, brings nearly a decade of experience in sales and marketing, with a specialization in B2B and Demand Generation within the cyber security and compliance industries. He excels in researching, creating, and optimizing digital marketing strategies for clients. His top skills include Account Management, B2B Lead Generation, Client Services, Marketing Strategy, and Presentation Skills.

Origin Story

Chris has a rich history of working in various roles within the marketing industry. Before joining Beacon Digital, he operated as a Manager of Digital Account Operations and a Digital Project Manager at MNI Targeted Media. He also served as the Director of Crescendo Music, where he built and maintained strong relationships with new and existing clients, increased school enrollment and retention rates, and developed company policy.

In addition to his professional roles, Chris has been actively involved in his local community, serving as a Common Councilmember for the City of Norwalk and as a Chairman for a Norwalk District political party. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Connecticut.

When he's not strategizing for Beacon, Chris enjoys:

  • Attending live music events
  • Traveling
  • Creating podcasts
  • Volunteering
  • HubSpot, Inbound Certified
  • HubSpot, Client Management
  • HubSpot, Delivering Client Success
  • LinkedIn , Lead Generation
  • ISC2, Certified in Cybersecurity (CC)
Top Skills
  • Creative analysis - no cookie-cutter approaches!
  • Active listening - I love getting to know people
Little Known Facts

Used to, and still might, know the value of every property/rent on a standard Monopoly board. I learned how to use guitar pedals before I learned how to pedal a bike. No, I was not a musical equipment genius at the age of 3, I was more of a “late-biker”. Never been in an official pie-eating contest.

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