Account Strategist

Chris Yerinides

Chris is an enthusiastic and passionate person who loves taking data and crafting a story through numbers. His years of experience in digital advertising span from small mom-and-pop operations to massive, national brands. When he isn’t working with the Beacon team, he’s writing music, performing in friends’ bands, and petting every dog in sight.

  • HubSpot, Inbound Certified
  • , Client Management
  • , Delivering Client Success
  • Creative analysis - no cookie-cutter approaches!
  • Active listening - I love getting to know people
Chris  Yerinides | Account Strategist
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Little Known Facts
Used to, and still might, know the value of every property/rent on a standard Monopoly board. I learned how to use guitar pedals before I learned how to pedal a bike. No, I was not a musical equipment genius at the age of 3, I was more of a “late-biker”. Never been in an official pie-eating contest.

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