Director, Operations

Braden Smith

What He Does Best

Braden Smith, our Director of Operations, is the mastermind behind Beacon Digital's smooth operations. He has an exceptional ability to understand the inner workings of organizations and businesses, helping them function efficiently and effectively. At Beacon, Braden oversees an extraordinary team of HR, business development, and accounting professionals. His top skills include keeping companies organized & efficient and keeping clients happy.

Origin Story

Braden's passion for nurturing company culture and encouraging professional growth is evident in his work at Beacon. He has always enjoyed managing and growing the capacity of organizations to succeed. Before joining Beacon Digital, he served as the executive director of an international nonprofit and worked in an account role at a legal services start-up, helping the company expand to meet growing demand.

Braden's love of learning led him to study political science and earn a law degree. He graduated from Syracuse University with an MA in Political Science and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Elisabeth Haub School of Law.

When he's not keeping everything at Beacon running smoothly, Braden enjoys:

  • Playing the tenor banjo and the concertina, especially Irish traditional music
  • Golfing with his sons
  • Countryside gravel biking as much as possible near his home in Iowa
  • Spending time with Maeve, his corgi
  • Sharing his love for Wisconsin
Top Skills
  • Keep Companies Organized & Efficient
  • Keep Clients Happy
Little Known Facts

No seriously, he loves to play the banjo.

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