Sr. Manager, Paid Search

Miguel Rosario

What He Does Best

Miguel Rosario, as the Senior Manager of Paid Media, meticulously crafts and navigates paid media strategies, ensuring our clients meet and exceed their marketing objectives. He is responsible for researching, developing strategic recommendations, and launching and optimizing campaigns across various platforms while focusing on continual improvement and strategic development.

Origin Story

Miguel's journey through digital marketing has been both strategic and explorative. He is a proud alum of Fordham University, where he secured his B.A. in Communications with a concentration on Media Studies.

His academic background in Communications and Media Studies has been pivotal, providing him with the theoretical knowledge to manage the complexities of paid media adeptly. Whether it's navigating through data or developing innovative strategies, Miguel consistently brings forth insights and strategies that drive our clients toward their marketing goals.

  • Google, Adwords Search
  • Google, Ads Display
Top Skills
  • HubSpot & Wordpress
  • LinkedIn Advertising
Little Known Facts

Miguel is an avid scuba diver, always in search of tropical weather destinations to scuba dive.

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