Sr. Copywriter

Greg Marchilena

What He Does Best

Greg Marchilena, our Senior Copywriter, is a master of words and a craftsman of compelling narratives. With over a decade of experience, he knows how to arrange words in a way that inspires action and drives results. From explaining health insurance to promoting equitable early childhood education, Greg's diverse portfolio is a testament to his adaptability and skill. He's also a branding and copywriting expert, making him a valuable asset to our team and our clients.

Origin Story

Greg's journey to Beacon Digital Marketing has been a decade in the making. He graduated from Syracuse University, where he was a frequent attendee of football, basketball, and lacrosse games (and occasionally found time for class!). Over the years, he's used his talent for writing to introduce smart grid technology, help people quit tobacco, sell alcohol, and even help people navigate the public transportation system in New York City.

When Greg isn't crafting compelling copy, he loves:

  • Debating the definition of a salad (It must have croutons!)
  • Cheering on his alma mater's sports teams
  • Exploring the vibrant city of New York
Top Skills
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
Little Known Facts

If there aren’t any croutons, it’s not a salad.

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