Jessica Krawiec

What She Does Best

Jessica Krawiec is a Creative Copywriter at Beacon Digital Marketing, where she brings her unique blend of creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills to the table. With a strong background in the marketing and advertising industry, Jessica is adept at crafting compelling content that resonates with audiences in fintech, cybersecurity, health tech, edtech, and B2B SaaS.  She's also a whiz with HubSpot & Wordpress.

Origin Story

Jessica holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies from the University of Rhode Island. During her time at university, she was a founding member and President of Membership for Alpha Phi Omega and a founding member of the Theta Theta Chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority. These experiences helped shape her collaborative spirit and leadership skills, which she now applies to her role at Beacon. Before joining the Beacon Digital team, Jessica worked in marketing and content creation for a digital marketing agency in Rhode Island. There, she supported over 15 clients with creative design and trade show preparations.

When she's not noodling on prose, you'll find her: 

  • Playing frisbee with her dogs
  • Traveling to exotic locations
  • Photographing everything she sees along the way
  • LinkedIn, Unconscious Bias
  • LinkedIn, Skills for Inclusive Conversations
  • LinkedIn, Video Strategies for High Engagement
  • LinkedIn, SEO: Keyword Strategy
  • LinkedIn, SEO for Social Media
  • LinkedIn, Leadership Foundations
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  • Adobe , Illustrator CC
Top Skills
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Strategy
  • HubSpot & Wordpress
  • Inbound Content Marketing
  • Social Media Management
Little Known Facts

Born and raised in Rhode Island. I am a sucker for true crime.

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