VP, Services

Megan Dunne

What She Does Best

Megan Dunne, our VP of Services, is the powerhouse behind Beacon Digital's growth and success. She joined Beacon in 2017 as an Account and Content Manager, a role that saw her wearing many hats and doing whatever was necessary to keep the then three-person marketing shop running. Today, she leverages her diverse skills and experience to scale services, improve workflows, foster team growth, and bring teams together. Her top skills include Content & Editorial Strategy, B2B Marketing Strategy, Client Relations, and Leadership.

Origin Story

Megan's journey with Beacon has been one of continuous growth and learning. She started with a vision to build a creative department capable of producing high-quality content and design. Four years, 160 clients, countless campaigns, and a triple-threat team of content, creative, and production all-stars later, she has achieved that vision and more. Now, she spends her days putting plans into action in an effort to scale services, improve workflows, foster team growth, and bring teams together. 

Before joining Beacon, Megan cut her teeth in the advertising world at VaynerMedia. She brings a passion for creative thinking, problem-solving, and marketing for the age we live in. She sets high standards for quality, a trait she developed as a copywriter for global brands like General Electric, Spotify, Coach, and Nature’s Bounty.

When she's not strategizing for Beacon, Megan enjoys:

  • Coaching her local high school lacrosse team
  • Cheering on her husband's basketball team
  • Attempting to keep a garden in order
  • Enjoying the outdoors with her son and her dog
  • HubSpot, Certified Inbound Marketing Consultant
Top Skills
  • Content & Editorial Strategy
  • Copy Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Lead Generation
Little Known Facts

Where is she when she’s not in her home-office? Depends on the season, but there’s a good chance she’s coaching her local high school lacrosse team, cheering on her husband’s basketball team, attempting to keep a garden in order , or enjoying the outdoors with her son and her dog.

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